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Leftover Candle Wax

8 Ideas for Using Leftover Candle Wax

If you love candles as much as we do, you’ve probably had the same thought – what to do with leftover candle wax? Our quality candles are designed to provide you with a long-lasting, residue-free burn. But we understand that leftover wax is inevitable.

If you’re not a fan of wasting, like most of us, we have some helpful tips and tricks for repurposing candle wax. We’re constantly striving to enhance the sustainability of the candles you adore. With these ideas, you’ll be even more eco-conscious by using them wisely until the very last drop.

Why Reuse Used Wax?

When you love a fragrance, it’s a little bittersweet when the time comes to light the candle wick for the last time. What if you could make the high-quality wax and beloved fragrance last even longer?

We’ve already explored how you can repurpose our candle jars for various decorative and storage purposes. This way, you’re getting even more value from your candle purchase and contributing to waste reduction by promoting recycling. Our good ideas don’t stop at recycling the jars. You’ll be surprised to discover all the things you can do with leftover candle wax.

How to Reuse Leftover Candle Wax

Here are some DIY tips and tricks to create your own homemade fragrances using leftover candle wax.

Using Leftover Candle Wax
Using Leftover Candle Wax

Make Scented Fire Starters for the Fireplace

Do you have the luxury of having a fireplace at home? Perhaps you have a fire pit in your garden? Candle wax is a simple and stable fire starter. Take an empty egg carton and place shavings or pieces of used wax into the compartments. There’s no need to fill the carton completely; just add the equivalent of a few ice cubes. Then, wrap the wax in newspaper or absorbent paper.

Place your fire starter in the fireplace and light it using a long match or a lighter. The carton and paper will burn, consuming the wax slowly and igniting the charcoal in the fireplace.

Fix Sticking Drawers and Doors

Here’s a clever trick to repair drawers of wooden desks or dressers that don’t slide smoothly, as well as doors that are sticking. Wax serves as an excellent and cost-effective lubricant for old wood. Take the used wax between your fingers and rub it firmly on the parts that are sticking. The problem will be solved in no time.

Wax is also a great remedy for squeaky hinges. Rub it onto all noisy metal parts to eliminate the squeaking. As a bonus, this process will infuse your home with a delicate fragrance, instead of the unpleasant smell of many chemical lubricants.

Protect Shower Tile Grout

Tired of constantly cleaning the grout between tiles in the shower? It’s hard to prevent mold stains from appearing between the carefully chosen tiles. However, wax can save you valuable time.

The next time you clean the white grout between the tiles, let them dry before rubbing them firmly with white wax. The waterproof wax will prevent mold formation while diffusing a pleasant fragrance in the bathroom. Repeat this process regularly to maintain the waterproof seal. You’ll notice that you’ll need to scrub your tiles less and less often.

Refill Old Candle Jars

Nothing beats CandleSay candles. However, by gradually filling old candle jars, you’ll enjoy your favorite candles even longer. You can purchase new wicks online and place them in an old candle jar (for safety, make sure it’s one of our glass candle jars).

Then, melt the remains of your candles and pour the wax into the jar as it melts, until it’s filled. You can decide to stick with a single fragrance or mix two complementary fragrances that you love. However, note that this method won’t guarantee the same intensity of fragrance or consistent burning as new candles. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent way to make the most of every drop and avoid waste.

Leftover Candle Wax
Leftover Candle Wax

Create Outdoor Candle Buckets

Want to take this recycling idea even further? Create large outdoor candles by placing several wicks evenly spaced in a large metal bucket, then fill it with as much leftover wax as you can find. Don’t forget to ensure that the fragrances match!

Ideal for outdoor use, this candle will be unique and decorative. However, its burning may be less consistent than CandleSay fans are accustomed to. Be cautious: only burn this candle outdoors and in a safe location.

Make Mini Wax Pebbles

Prefer a bit more moderation in your revamped fragrances? Transform candle ends into mini pebbles for your electric diffuser—it’s a breeze.

Take a rubber ice cube tray, preferably one with fun shapes instead of the usual cubes. Pour the remaining liquefied wax into the tray, distributing it evenly. Once the wax has cooled, you can easily extract the mini pebbles and use them in your electric diffuser.

Create Refreshing Wardrobe Hangings

The same method used for making pebbles will yield even more original results with the simple addition of a ribbon or string. Before pouring the hot wax into the rubber ice cube tray, place a loop of ribbon in each compartment. When the ribbon is dry, you’ll have an easy-to-hang fragrance pebble.

But it doesn’t end there! You’d probably prefer to avoid wax stains on your clothes! Take a scrap of fabric and wrap the wax pebble in it. Seal the cover with a few stitches, making sure to leave the ribbon loop protruding from the top. If you can’t sew, use ready-made fabric pouches and simply place the pebbles inside. Every time you pick clean clothes, you’ll enjoy a gentle fragrance.

Make Wax Seals

We’ve saved our most fun idea for last. The perfect touch to make special occasions even more memorable! Create seals for your handwritten letters or wedding invitations. Your letters will delight their recipients.

It’s easy to make custom seals online. You can also reuse an old signet ring, if you have one. Pour a bit of wax onto the envelope flap, apply the seal, and there you have it! Plus, your wax seal will carry a delicate scent.

Do you have good ideas for reusing leftover wax too? Share your eco-friendly and sustainable tips and tricks on our social media! Follow us on Instagram to stay informed about all our tips and tricks and to stay connected to a community full of great ideas.

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