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Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles

Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles: 5 Tips

Have you ever noticed that your scented candle only burns on one side, leaving a portion of the wax untouched? Does it sometimes produce black smoke while burning or extinguishing itself? If so, perhaps you’re not familiar with some essential techniques to properly burn your candles!

Indeed, there are a few simple and effective tips to ensure their healthy, safe, and economical combustion. In this article, you’ll find our 5 pieces of advice for using and taking care of your candles in your daily life!

Do not burn your scented candle for more than 3 hours

To avoid wasting your candle, as well as for your health and safety, we recommend not lighting it for more than a maximum of 3 hours. In fact, you don’t need to burn it for too long to enjoy the fragrance of your candle! 1 to 2 hours is sufficient for proper use. This way, you extend the lifespan of your candle. It also helps you avoid the risk of suffocation due to the smoke generated by burning, as well as the risk of fire (for this reason, we advise you to ventilate the room well after each use).

Trim the wick of your candle before each burn

Before every use, it’s always advisable to trim the wick of your candle to about 5 mm to a maximum of 1 cm away from the wax. This action ensures the proper burning of your candle! A wick that’s too long can cause the candle to burn too quickly and produce that characteristic black smoke, which can be both toxic and aesthetically displeasing. Conversely, be cautious not to trim the wick too short either, as in that case, the candle might extinguish on its own or burn unevenly, creating a hollow space in the wax where the heat only diffuses.

Wait for the wax to melt evenly before extinguishing it

We recommend burning your candle for the necessary duration to ensure that the entire surface has melted. Why? To prevent the formation of craters or the phenomenon of unevenly melted wax on one side of the candle! Not only is this unappealing, but it will also spoil your candle as a portion of the wax will not burn, unless you scrape the sides and damage the container, which would be unfortunate. Therefore, we advise you to burn your candle for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, which should be enough time for the wax to melt uniformly across the surface!

Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles
Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles

Protect your scented candle with a lid or fabric

This tip might seem simple and logical, yet it’s often overlooked! If your candle is in a jar, you can protect it with a lid or a simple piece of fabric. Why? Just to prevent dust from settling on the surface, as once it’s there, you’ll quickly realize that removing it is quite a task. Additionally, burning your candle when dust has accumulated on the wax could result in inhaling particles!

For this reason, at CandleSay, our standard candles come with an iron lid to shield them from dust on a daily basis, and also to complement the apothecary aesthetic we’ve chosen for our brand. By the way, our candle containers are recyclable if you so desire!

You now know all the essential tips for burning your scented candle without the risk of damaging or wasting it. If this article has been helpful to you, feel free to leave a comment and share it with those around you!

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