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Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn

6 Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn

The weather is cooling down, the rain is intensifying, and the nights are getting longer… Autumn is definitely back! While for some, it’s synonymous with fatigue and melancholy, for others, it’s the season of coziness and vibrant-colored leaves. And when it comes to coziness, it means cozy candles! In this article, we present to you […]

Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles

Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles: 5 Tips

Have you ever noticed that your scented candle only burns on one side, leaving a portion of the wax untouched? Does it sometimes produce black smoke while burning or extinguishing itself? If so, perhaps you’re not familiar with some essential techniques to properly burn your candles! Indeed, there are a few simple and effective tips […]

Fragrance Intensity

How to Do Your Online Shopping With Our Fragrance Personalities

There’s nothing quite like a pleasant scent to make you feel at home. Having scented products in a room, whether they are candles or flameless forms, contributes to creating the perfect ambiance. Our CandleSay candles are crafted by master perfumers who use the finest ingredients for each fragrance we create. It’s not always easy to […]

Guide to Natural Candles

CandleSay Guide to Natural Candles

It’s not always easy to navigate the natural candle market if you’re not sure what to look for. You’re in the right place. We’re candle experts, and we’ve put together this guide to help you gain clarity. Soon, you’ll know all about soy wax (is it vegan?), and the differences between the various natural candles […]

Advantages of Scented Candles

Scented Candles: Advantages and Disadvantages Worth Exploring

Scented candles are an excellent way to add pleasant fragrance and a cozy atmosphere to your home. Not only can they contribute to creating a serene and welcoming environment, but they can also be used to set the mood during special occasions such as birthdays and parties. However, before lighting your favorite scented candle, it […]

Popularity of Candles

Discover the Secrets Behind the Popularity of Candles

When it comes to candles, the first thing that comes to mind is their ability to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. But there’s more to the popularity of candles than just that. In this article, we will uncover the secrets behind the popularity of candles and understand why they are so beloved. We’ll see […]

Best Non-Toxic Candles

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Fragrance Candles

The time has come, you’ve made up your mind. You’re going to revamp the ambiance in your home and enhance it with a subtly scented candle! However, with the wide variety of options available, you don’t know which one to choose. Are you familiar with natural fragrance candles? They offer many advantages that will make […]

Burn Scented Candles

How to Burn Scented Candles Like a Pro

Candles can enhance a space through their fragrances which evoke nature, childhood memories. But they require some precautions to get the most out of them. Here we provide 5 burning tips to avoid common problems encountered when using scented candles. My candle is not burning evenly (it tunnels) A common problem among candle enthusiasts is […]

Making Scented Candles

Making Scented Candles: 7 Key Questions

A few weeks ago, Marie (my niece), a candle addict, asked me some questions about making scented candles. I thought it would be interesting to share a summary of our conversation with you. You can also check out our offerings for professionals to learn more. What does candle pouring involve? It involves melting a blend […]

natural scented candles

Enter the World of Pure Happiness With Natural Scented Candles

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed lately? Having trouble finding ways to unwind and relax after a long day? Look no further than the world of natural scented candles. These little aroma powerhouses can transform any room into a sanctuary of relaxation and well-being. Not only do they add a touch of warmth and ambiance to your […]

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