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Fragrance Intensity

How to Do Your Online Shopping With Our Fragrance Personalities

There’s nothing quite like a pleasant scent to make you feel at home. Having scented products in a room, whether they are candles or flameless forms, contributes to creating the perfect ambiance. Our CandleSay candles are crafted by master perfumers who use the finest ingredients for each fragrance we create. It’s not always easy to […]

Candles for Men

Candles for Men: The Best Masculine Scents and Shapes

Home fragrances have always been considered feminine attributes. That’s why, when special occasions arise, we turn to beautifully scented candles, essential oils, and gift sets as foolproof ideas for female gifts. Whether it’s a housewarming gift, a wedding present, or a birthday gift, candles are a consistently popular choice for women – but what about […]

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