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Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles

Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles: 5 Tips

Have you ever noticed that your scented candle only burns on one side, leaving a portion of the wax untouched? Does it sometimes produce black smoke while burning or extinguishing itself? If so, perhaps you’re not familiar with some essential techniques to properly burn your candles! Indeed, there are a few simple and effective tips […]

Promote Even Burning

The Wick of My Candle Is Too Short. What Should I Do?

No matter the season, lighting a scented candle at home is one of life’s great pleasures. Nothing compares to the experience of an evocative fragrance and a gentle ambiance. But what should you do if the wick of the candle is too short to light? This isn’t a reason to throw it away. Here are […]

Wedding Guest Gifts

Candles, Cards, and Promo Codes: A Guide to Being a Pro Wedding Guest Gifts

Rebecca Marie, a wedding planner in the United Kingdom, is never short of creativity. She organizes weddings worldwide and adores working most of all with stylish couples in search of a unique ceremony. Rebecca started her wedding planning business as a “hobby” after having her twins. She wanted to work from home at that time. […]

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