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Melting the Wax

How to Remove Candle Wax from Glass?

The gentle glow of a candle is an excellent way to create a soft ambiance in your interior. What to do if a disaster strikes and candle wax ends up where it shouldn’t? Don’t worry, as there are four simple methods to remove wax from glass surfaces, including candle holders. Perhaps you’d like to recycle your candle jar for use as decoration. All of these solutions are also perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Freezing the Wax: The Simplest Method

Freezing is ideal because it requires neither heat nor liquid to remove wax from your favorite glass candle holder. This technique is also perfect if you want to be gentle and avoid scraping the wax off a small tealight candle holder.

Place the wax in a cold environment so that it solidifies and contracts, detaching from the glass surface. With this method, the freezer does all the work:

  1. Wait until the wax has solidified and is cold to the touch. If it’s too hot, the rapid temperature change could cause the holder to crack.
  2. Place the glass holder in the freezer for at least an hour until the wax freezes and contracts.
  3. Remove the glass from the freezer. Try to remove the wax with your fingers if you can, or tap the glass on the palm of your hand. The wax should come off on its own. If that doesn’t work, use a spoon to gently detach the edges of the wax until the deposit comes off completely.
  4. Clean any residue with a cloth or cotton pad soaked in almond oil or water. Rinse with soapy water afterward.
Remove Candle Wax
Remove Candle Wax

Melting the Wax: The Quick Solution

Don’t have space in your freezer or need a faster solution? All you need for the following method is a spoon, boiling water, and a sponge.

  1. Scrape off as much wax as possible using a butter knife or spoon. Make cuts into the remaining wax block to break it into smaller pieces.
  2. Pour boiling water into the glass candle holder until it’s half full. Ensure that the wax you want to remove is fully submerged. The wax will melt and turn into liquid upon contact with the water.
  3. The melted wax will rise to the surface and float. Wait for about half an hour until the water cools down and the wax hardens.
  4. Using the butter knife or spoon, carefully remove the solidified wax from the water’s surface. It should come off as one piece. If any residue remains stuck to the glass edges, gently scrape and remove it. Since wax is pliable and flexible, it should be easy to remove.
  5. To prevent the wax from solidifying in your drains, collect all the residue before pouring the cooled water down the sink and dispose of it in the trash.
  6. Finally, clean the glass container with soapy water.

For Multiple Items: The Double Boiler Method

If you want to remove wax from several glass votives, the double boiler method is likely the most suitable. Faster than freezing and more effective when dealing with a thin layer of wax, this quick process will allow you to clean your glass candle holders in no time.

  1. Use a butter knife or spoon to scrape off as much wax as possible.
  2. Place a cloth on a flat surface and put a heat-resistant pot or large bowl on it. The cloth will prevent the container from moving. Set the glass candle holders in the pot or bowl.
  3. Fill the container with boiling water, being careful not to pour any inside the candle holder. There should be enough hot water to melt all the wax.
  4. Leave the glass in the water until the wax becomes softened. Do not let the wax melt for too long, as liquid wax is harder to clean. If you’ve left the wax in the water for too long and it has melted too much, take the glass out of the water and wait for the wax to solidify until it’s just softened.
  5. Gently hold the glass with one hand and, using a spoon or butter knife, peel the wax away from the glass.
  6. Remove the glass from the pot and take out the softened wax.
  7. Rinse with soapy water.
Melting the Wax
Melting the Wax

Scrape Wax from Larger, Complex Items

At times, wax can find its way into hard-to-reach places, making it challenging to remove. Accidents happen, and hardened wax might end up on your glass table! This method is both quick and simple to apply if you’re seeking an effective solution.

  1. Gently rub a damp sponge soaked in warm or hot water over the wax’s surface. This should moisten and loosen the wax. Don’t worry if there’s a bit of water left on the glass, as it will aid the process.
  2. Using a razor blade, glass scraper, or sharp knife, gently scrape the wax by applying short and delicate strokes across the glass surface. This helps prevent scratching. The residual water reduces friction, which in turn helps avoid scratches.
  3. Begin at an edge of the wax and work your way around, delicately scraping the wax to detach it bit by bit. The wax should eventually come off completely.
  4. Wipe the area with a warm, damp cloth to remove any stains or leftover wax.

Practical Tips

In summary, the simplest method involves freezing the wax, while the quickest technique is to melt it. For removing wax from multiple items, prefer the double boiler method. You’ll need to be patient with tougher or larger objects, as you’ll need to scrape the wax.

If you only have a small wax stain to remove, try melting the wax using a hairdryer or a heat gun. Set it to a low to moderate temperature, then position the hairdryer about 30 cm away from the wax for a few seconds. The wax should melt and come off. Wipe it away with a damp cloth.

To prevent having to use these methods, ensure that the wax burns evenly when you light a candle. If you don’t burn the candle long enough, a “tunnel” might form in the middle of the wax while the edges remain solid.

Burn your candles away from drafts, as they can cause candles to flicker. Using a fragrance form that protects the flame from drafts will help combat this phenomenon.

Don’t burn candles on uneven surfaces to prevent wax from dripping onto glass holders. Opt for paper fragrance forms to avoid liquids spilling when you’re on the move.

Always use a holder that’s suitable for your candles. Many CandleSay accessories can be used with various fragrance forms, such as votives, candle jars, and tealights, but always check before using them.

Is wax stuck on other surfaces in your home? Check out our guides on How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpets and How to Remove Candle Wax from Clothing. Take a look at our latest offerings here.

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