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Scented Plant Wax Melts

6 Methods to Purify Your Home from Negative Energies

We don’t always realize it, but sometimes our interior can be filled with stagnant, even negative energies! In this case, it is advisable to proceed with a purification of the space to renew the energies and feel better at home.

Moreover, purification can also be beneficial for helping to relax and concentrate more easily, especially during meditation or yoga sessions, for example! We often hear about smudging, but it’s not the only method for cleansing energies, far from it! Whether it’s through smoke, salt, or even the mind, there are different processes for purifying your home, depending on your tastes and preferences!

In this article, we will reveal 6 ways to cleanse your living space. Let’s get started!

1. Purifying Your Home with Smudging Sticks

Smudging involves inhaling or using the smoke (or vapor) that escapes after burning a plant. Depending on the plant you choose, this method can help alleviate physical discomforts such as coughing, for example, or even stress. However, it is also useful for cleansing negative energies that may linger in our home. There are several ways to go about it, including using smudging sticks.

White Sage Smudging Stick

White sage is a plant native to North America that has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous tribes for therapeutic as well as energetic purposes. It is attributed not only with multiple health benefits but is especially renowned for its very powerful purifying properties. For instance, it can be used to cleanse your gemstones used in lithotherapy.

In general, the dried plant is found in the form of a stick that you light for a few seconds before extinguishing it to enjoy its smoke with numerous properties. If you’re interested, know that at CandleSay, we offer our own white sage smudging sticks!

Purify Your Home
Purify Your Home

Palo Santo Smudging Stick

Following the same principle as white sage, Palo Santo originates from South America and has also been used for hundreds of years for therapeutic and, above all, spiritual purposes by the local people. It is considered sacred by its users, with its name literally meaning “holy wood.” Its unique feature is that it comes from a tree, not a plant. To learn more, we invite you to read our introduction to Palo Santo article.

Like white sage, Palo Santo possesses powerful properties for health as well as for purification and promoting relaxation and letting go, especially during meditation or yoga sessions. Similar to white sage, it is available in the form of a burning stick, allowing you to harness its valuable smoke filled with virtues. Therefore, it can be used to completely cleanse your home of negative energies.

If you’re interested, we offer our Palo Santo smudging sticks on our e-shop!

Homemade Smudging Stick

If you prefer to make your own smudging sticks, know that it’s entirely possible! All you need to do is dry your own plants, paying close attention to their properties. Once you’ve done that, simply gather them into a bundle, securely tie them with cotton twine, and optionally trim any excess to facilitate combustion.

Among the plants that purify the air, you have, for example, common sage (a cousin of white sage), bay leaves, rosemary, and thyme, among others.

Purifying Your Home with Incense
Purifying Your Home with Incense

2. Purifying Your Home with Incense

Just like white sage and Palo Santo smudging sticks, incense is a method of fumigation. It is well-known and available in the form of cones, thin sticks, or even as blends of dried plants to burn on charcoal tablets. It is often used to fragrance a home or to aid in relaxation and stress relief. However, it can also be used like smudging sticks by letting its smoke diffuse to dispel negative energies. Simply choose incense made from plants or botanicals with purifying properties for this purpose.

3. Purifying Your Home with Scented Plant Wax Melts

As mentioned earlier, fumigation involves using the smoke and vapor of a plant. Therefore, it’s possible to use plant-based wax melts or essential oils in a wax warmer to diffuse their properties throughout your home. This allows you to easily purify your living space while pleasantly scenting your rooms.

We’ve recently created scented wax melts with sage and embedded dried white sage. Not only does the vegetal and fresh aroma bring a clean scent to your home, but the added plants can also assist in cleansing negative energies that may be present!

4. Purifying Your Home through Visualization

One of the most economical and simple techniques for purifying your home involves visualization. How does it work? It’s quite straightforward: you need to find a visualization method that suits you to imagine negative energies dispersing. To make it easier to understand, here’s an example:

While cleaning, for instance, you can visualize that you are purifying your home. If you’re using a broom, you can picture yourself sweeping away the negative energies from the area you’re in. Then (or alternatively), you can ventilate the rooms by opening the windows to complete the purification process. This method is particularly useful because it allows you to combine the cleaning of your living space with its purification!

Of course, this visualization technique is just an example, and you can find or create one that suits you best!

Scented Plant Wax Melts
Scented Plant Wax Melts

5. Purifying Your Home with a Tibetan Singing Bowl

The Tibetan singing bowl is an object that has been used for millennia in the realm of well-being. To use it, gently rub the rim of the bowl with a mallet to produce its sound. It’s a bit like the technique used to create a crystalline sound by lightly running a wet finger around the rim of a crystal glass. Depending on the material the bowl is made of, it produces a more or less high-pitched sound, which can help alleviate certain pains, relax, and enter a meditative state more easily.

We’ve included it in this list because it can also be used for purification, especially for gemstones used in lithotherapy, for example. It is believed that the vibrations produced by its sound can clear away negative energies. Therefore, you can absolutely use it in the rooms of your choice and visualize all the negativity dissipating into the air through the distinctive sounds it emits.

6. Purifying Your Home with Coarse Salt

As we mentioned in our article on the purification and recharging of lithotherapy gemstones, coarse salt is an excellent way to cleanse the energies of your home! The trick is to place it on the floor in the corners of your rooms, leaving it to work for several days, or even weeks, depending on your feelings. If you have pets, you can place it in a dish out of their reach to prevent them from touching it.

For even more effectiveness, you can then sweep the salt out of the house, visualizing that you are removing all the negative energies from your home. Alternatively, you can bury it in your garden soil, or simply flush it down your toilet to make it disappear.

You now have six ideas to help you purify your home, using your own resources and preferences. Feel free to share your favorite methods with us in the comments!

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