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  • Premium Soy Wax: Our scented candles are hand-poured with the finest soy wax, renowned for its clean-burning properties. The soy wax ensures a longer-lasting and even burn, free from harmful toxins and soot, making it a healthier and eco-friendly choice for your home.
  • Generous Weight: Each scented candle boasts a substantial weight of 320g, ensuring a prolonged burning time, providing you with hours of captivating fragrance that will transform your atmosphere into a haven of tranquility.
  • Perfect Dimensions: The candle’s compact design, measuring 7cm in diameter and 8cm in height, makes it a versatile addition to any space. Place it on your coffee table, bathroom vanity, or bedside, creating a captivating focal point while exuding a delightful scent.
  • Extended Burning Time: Enjoy the luxurious aroma for up to 13 hours, allowing you to indulge in the comforting scent without worrying about frequent replacements.
  • Flickering Ambiance: The gentle, flickering light emitted by the candle creates a warm and cozy ambiance, setting the perfect tone for relaxation, meditation, or intimate gatherings.
Core Features
  • Made with essential oils that provide therapeutic benefits when scent is released through burning.
  • Essential oil blends designed to promote specific effects like relaxation, energy boosting, better sleep.
  • Natural, non-toxic soy wax allows for clean, even burn and fragrance dispersion.
  • Attractive and elegant candle designs enhance ambient environment with calming scents.
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Care Guide
  • Trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to prevent smoking.
  • Allow wax to pool fully across surface for complete melt and even burn.
  • Re-center wick as needed as candle burns.
  • Never leave burning candle unattended.
  • Extinguish flame with snuffer or wet fingers.
  • Store candle in cool, dry place away from drafts and sunlight.

Premium Soy Wax for Healthier Living

At the heart of our scented candle lies a commitment to your well-being and the environment. We use only the finest soy wax in crafting our candles, sourced from natural and renewable soybeans. Unlike traditional paraffin candles, our soy wax is free from harmful toxins and carcinogens, making it a healthier choice for your home and loved ones. The clean-burning nature of soy wax ensures that you can enjoy the captivating fragrances without compromising air quality, allowing you to indulge in a soothing ambiance with peace of mind.

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Extended Burning Time for Enduring Pleasure

We understand the joy of unwinding after a long day, which is why our scented soy wax candle is generously crafted to last. With a substantial weight of 320g, these candles provide a longer burning time, extending the pleasure of your aromatic journey for up to 13 hours. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening alone or hosting an intimate gathering, our candles ensure a consistent and delightful fragrance throughout, adding a touch of luxury and relaxation to every moment.

Thoughtful Aromatherapy with Natural Fragrances

Indulge your senses in the captivating world of aromatherapy with our scented soy wax candle. Each candle is thoughtfully infused with a carefully curated blend of natural fragrances, derived from essential oils and premium aromatic compounds. As the candle burns, it releases a symphony of enchanting scents, carefully balanced to soothe your mind, uplift your spirits, and create a tranquil environment. Whether you prefer the soothing aroma of lavender, the invigorating scent of citrus, or the warm embrace of vanilla, our scented soy wax candles offer a wide array of options to suit your mood and preferences.

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Flickering Ambiance for Serenity and Charm

Our scented soy wax candles not only delight your olfactory senses but also create a mesmerizing visual spectacle. As you light the wick, watch the candle’s gentle, flickering glow cast a warm and inviting ambiance. The soft play of light and shadows adds an element of charm to any space, be it your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. This visual harmony enhances the overall relaxation experience, making our scented soy wax candles a perfect addition to your self-care rituals or romantic settings.

Versatility to Complement Any Setting

With its elegant and compact design, our scented soy wax candle effortlessly complements any setting or occasion. Measuring 7cm in diameter and 8cm in height, it fits beautifully on any surface, from your coffee table to your mantlepiece. Whether you desire a relaxing atmosphere for a bath soak or seek to create a romantic ambiance for a dinner date, our scented soy wax candle serves as a versatile companion for your everyday life. Its sophisticated packaging also makes it an exquisite gift option, allowing you to share the joy of relaxation and luxury with your friends and family.

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