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  • Hand-poured into a 5.4cm wide x 3.7cm high cup container, perfect for placing on desks, shelves, or nightstands.
  • Made from 100% natural soy wax, which provides an eco-friendly, clean burn without any petroleum byproducts.
  • Soy wax allows for excellent fragrance retention and an even burn from edge to edge.
  • With a burning time of approximately 17 hours, this candle offers long-lasting scent diffusion and illumination.
  • The soy wax has a low melt point which prevents overheating and sooting issues.

Core Features
  • Made with essential oils that provide therapeutic benefits when scent is released through burning.
  • Essential oil blends designed to promote specific effects like relaxation, energy boosting, better sleep.
  • Natural, non-toxic soy wax allows for clean, even burn and fragrance dispersion.
  • Attractive and elegant candle designs enhance ambient environment with calming scents.

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Care Guide
  • Trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to prevent smoking.
  • Allow wax to pool fully across surface for complete melt and even burn.
  • Re-center wick as needed as candle burns.
  • Never leave burning candle unattended.
  • Extinguish flame with snuffer or wet fingers.
  • Store candle in cool, dry place away from drafts and sunlight.


Pure Soy Wax

This aromatic candle is hand-poured using 100% pure soy wax, crafted from American-grown soybeans. Soy wax provides a sustainable, clean-burning base for a fragrant candle without any petroleum byproducts. It allows for excellent hot and cold scent throw as the wax fully liquefies across the entire surface when lit. The soy wax also retains fragrances well and provides an even, consistent burn from the first lighting to the last.

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Citronella Anti-mosquito Aromatherapy Candels Details (2)


Long-Lasting Burn Time

With an approximate burn time of 17 hours, this soy wax candle offers you days of delightful aroma and decor. The 5.4cm wide by 3.7cm high cup holds enough wax to provide long-lasting fragrance diffusion and illumination. You can safely burn the candle for up to 4 hours at a time, while the lead-free cotton wick minimizes any trimming or maintenance needed. Enjoy this candle during cozy evenings at home or give it as a gift to delight someone special.


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Only pure, natural essential oils are used to create the lovely, inviting fragrance of this candle. Our artisan candle makers expertly blend therapeutic-grade essential oils to provide the most authentic and beneficial aromatherapy experience. When burned, the essential oil molecules are emitted into the air, creating a soothing ambiance. The aromas also provide various emotional and physical effects through scent diffusion.

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Citronella Anti-mosquito Aromatherapy Candels Details (4)


Elegant, Modern Design

The 5.4cm wide x 3.7cm high cup container provides a sleek, elegant profile that suits any room decor. The vessel comes in your choice of colors like creamy white, matte black, blush pink and more. The smooth, simple cup shape allows the mesmerizing candle flame to become the focal point. Place our soy wax candle on your desk, bathroom counter, kitchen shelf or bedside table to elevate the ambiance.

Safe and Non-Toxic

You can trust our soy candle is free of any harmful chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances. The soybean wax, cotton wicks and essential oils ensure a natural, non-toxic candle perfect for your home. There’s no risk of soot or residue, providing clean, safe illumination and aroma. Enjoy all the benefits and coziness of a scented candle without any worry when lighting this creation.

Citronella Anti-mosquito Aromatherapy Candels Details (1)

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