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Prevent Candle Tunneling

How to Prevent the Candle From Tunneling

There are not many better experiences in life than getting comfortable and relaxing with scented candles. But what if the worst happens and your candle starts tunneling?

If that’s the case, don’t worry, we can help you fix – and prevent – this phenomenon. Read this article to discover our tips.

Why is my candle tunneling?

Tunneling occurs when only the central part of the candle burns, leaving an outer ring of unmelted wax along the edges. If this outer wax ring doesn’t melt properly, the wick sinks further into the candle. This can also lead to the wick being buried in the wax after the candle is extinguished and the wax cools. The farther the wick is from the unmelted wax, the greater the risk of uneven burning as the wax will be too cool.

Another consequence is that the burn time of your scented candle will be significantly reduced, as less wax will be consumed. Fortunately, solutions exist! We’ll explain how to address this issue using three very simple techniques, outlined later in this article.

Candle Tunneling
Candle Tunneling

How to prevent candle tunneling?

The first time you light a candle is crucial, as tunneling can easily be inadvertently created. When you light the wick, the layer of wax on the candle’s surface should completely melt, forming a pool of liquid wax.

As a general rule, candles burn for one hour for every 2.5 cm of diameter. Regularly check your candle during its burn to ensure it’s burning evenly.

Once the candle has burned long enough to create a perfectly even wax pool, you can extinguish it. Wax has memory, so once it’s fully melted and smoothed out, trim the wick to 1/2 cm. By melting the wax this way in a draft-free area, you can prevent tunneling.

The type of wax and wick size can also impact the phenomenon. It’s more common for tunneling to occur with lower-quality wax or incorrectly sized wicks in lower-quality products. By purchasing a PartyLite candle, you reduce these risks!”

Prevent Candle Tunneling
Prevent Candle Tunneling

How to eliminate tunneling in the candle?

There are three simple ways to fix your candle. Firstly, if the tunnel is not too deep, you can simply burn your candle for 3 to 4 hours to create an even wax pool! This should work with larger jar candles or 3-wick candles, as their burn time is longer.

For minor tunneling where you can still see the wick, you can use a hairdryer. Its heat will melt the wax and restore a smooth surface. Once done, follow the steps for lighting a candle for the first time and completely melt the initial layer of wax. Ideally, this should prevent the issue from happening again.

If the wax tunnel is so deep that you struggle to reach the wick with a match, you’ll need to resort to another technique involving aluminum foil. Start by trimming the wick to 1/2 cm, then wrap the entire candle with a sheet of aluminum foil. Create a “dome” above the wax, leaving an opening of about 2.5 cm wide at the top, then light the candle. The heat from the flame is reflected onto the candle. After 1 to 3 hours of burning, the wax will even out!

If you love candles, you can purchase our latest collection here! Need more tips for caring for your candle? Learn how to stop candle flickering here or check out our comprehensive guide on candle maintenance.

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