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Personalized Scented Candles

Personalized Scented Candles for Your Wedding

You’re soon going to celebrate your wedding? Is one of your loved ones getting married, and you’re looking for an original gift? What gift can you offer to make this moment unforgettable? To make a lasting impression, Candle Say offers you to discover its range of personalized scented candles:

  • Various sizes to fit all needs and budgets.
  • Labels and cases printed with the decoration and message of your choice.
  • Various fragrances and high-quality materials.

We present you with a selection of candles like no other. For a wedding, choose customization products, handmade with care, using natural and high-performing materials.

A mini candle as a wedding gift for your guests

Instead of traditional sugared almonds, why not offer personalized scented candles to your guests? We have developed a competitive offer of 10-hour mini candles, customized with your message printed on a beautiful white cardboard case. Several choices of designs, fonts, colors, and fragrances are available to you. Treat your guests to 10 hours of olfactory pleasure. We also have other sizes available for gifting or adding a consistent fragrance to your event, matching your wedding theme.

Personalized Scented Candles
Personalized Scented Candles

A personalized gift idea for wedding witnesses

Wedding witnesses play a key role. They can organize the bachelor and bachelorette parties, contribute to the wedding planning, give a beautiful speech full of emotions and delightful anecdotes. They are a part of the couple’s lives, and it is important to offer them beautiful gifts. One of these gifts can be a lovely personalized scented candle, with a message to ask them to be your witness or to thank them for their support.

A personalized candle for your wedding theme

You can offer a beautiful keepsake gift to your family and friends, as well as choose a fragrance that matches your wedding theme and a size suitable for your wedding venue, depending on its size and layout.

Here are some ideas:

  • For a wedding with a nature theme, consider scented candles with a Fig tree fragrance.
  • For a summer wedding, scented candles with Orange Blossom fragrance could be a delightful choice.
  • For a rustic countryside-themed wedding, candles with a Freshly Cut Grass fragrance can create a charming ambiance.
  • For an oriental-inspired wedding, consider candles with Amber, Oud, or Precious Sandalwood fragrance.

Let the aroma of these personalized candles enhance the atmosphere of your special day, making it even more memorable.

Symbolism of Flowers
Symbolism of Flowers

The symbolism of flowers

Depending on the fragrance and color of the flowers you choose, they can evoke passion, love, tenderness, romance, purity, and more. The word ‘perfume’ comes from the Latin word ‘per fumum,’ which means ‘through smoke.’

Traditionally, incense was used as a gift to the gods. The burning incense would send pleasant scents as an offering to the heavens, seeking blessings and benevolence from the deities. Similarly, our scented candles, with their various fragrance options and personalization, can carry the same symbolism, adding a touch of originality and modernity.

Each fragrance can convey a unique emotion, setting the mood and atmosphere for your special moments, just like flowers have been used to express sentiments and intentions throughout history. So, consider choosing the perfect fragrance that aligns with the essence of your occasion, making it even more memorable and meaningful.

Various sizes to perfume your venue

For events, we offer a flexible range of options so you can scent your venue and provide gifts for your guests:

  • An XXL scented candle with 3 wicks, 640g format, perfect for the cocktail area or reception hall.
  • A classic 190g candle, ideal as a beautiful gift (gift wrapping available upon request).
  • A 150g candle, more budget-friendly, to diffuse pleasant notes near the dance floor.
  • A mini 50g candle, perfect for a small gift.

A personalized candle for a wedding anniversary

Choose personalized scented candles that match your special event. Here are some ideas:

  • 1 year anniversary, cotton anniversary, with Cotton Flower candles.
  • 3 year anniversary, wheat anniversary, with rustic notes.
  • 4 year anniversary, beeswax anniversary, with lovely candles made from 100% natural wax.
  • 5 year anniversary, wood anniversary, with Wood Fire candles.
  • 10 year anniversary, tin anniversary, with candles featuring silver labels.

Let the fragrance of these personalized candles accompany your celebration and add a touch of elegance and ambiance to the occasion.

Personalized Gift Idea
Personalized Gift Idea

Why work with Candle Say

Our candles are made to order, ensuring fresh products, even burning, and vibrant scents. We use premium materials, and all our products are handcrafted at our workshop. Our candles are made from 100% vegetable wax, infused with essential oils and perfumes from Grasse.

All candle sizes offer excellent fragrance diffusion. Our 50g mini candles are 50% more effective than glass candles of equivalent volume (thanks to their wide 60mm diameter).We offer a comprehensive range of personalization, starting from just a single piece (standard format customization available on our website).

We also provide event-specific customization with various container sizes and bespoke options. Choose from our suggested designs or provide us with your photographs, typography, text color, logo, etc. You’ll receive visuals for approval, which will be then printed on the labels and candle cases.

Choose from a wide variety of scents: floral, woody, oriental, green, fruity, and more. Renting the venue and catering usually take up the largest portion of the wedding budget. Additional expenses include the wedding dress, rings, music entertainment, photographer, and invitations. There may also be costs for a wedding planner and car rental. And, of course, the gifts for the guests. Typically, these gifts represent less than 5% of the overall budget.

Interested in learning more about our artisanal candles? Share your project with us!

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