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Palo Santo for Purifying

Palo Santo | Properties, Benefits, and Purification

You’ve probably already heard of Palo Santo. In the form of a stick, this piece of wood might initially leave you puzzled. What is it used for? How do you use it? Yet, it’s quite simple! Once you grasp its purpose, Palo Santo reveals a range of medicinal, as well as energetic and purifying properties. In this article, we introduce and then explain how to incorporate Palo Santo into your daily routine.

Palo Santo, What Is It?

Palo Santo is a tree belonging to the Bulnesia genus in the Zygophyllaceae family. It is found in South America, in countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru, among others. Its name comes from Spanish, meaning “sacred stick” or “sacred wood.” It lives up to its name, as Palo Santo has been considered sacred for centuries. Ancient South American tribes like the Incas, for instance, used Palo Santo in their shamanic rituals. It was also utilized for its various health properties. Palo Santo has a woody and distinctive scent very similar to that of incense.

This sacred wood is harvested from dead trees, which should absolutely not be cut down! Indeed, one must wait for these trees to enter a decomposition phase (several years) so they can produce an oil that, when burned, releases the numerous benefits of Palo Santo!

Palo Santo
Palo Santo

The Virtues of Palo Santo on Health

Properties of Palo Santo for Physical Health

Palo Santo is highly useful for alleviating a variety of everyday ailments. It is notably effective in addressing a range of pains, as it serves as an excellent natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. It relieves muscular pains, including soreness, tendonitis, and tears. It is also effective against joint pain, such as rheumatism. Palo Santo’s actions are beneficial for relieving headaches and dental discomfort. Additionally, Palo Santo affects the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as the digestive system. It’s also known for its anti-itch properties and its benefits in improving states of sadness and stress. Palo Santo can also work well for repelling insects!

Energetic and Psychological Properties of Palo Santo

On a mental and energetic level, Palo Santo influences the nervous system and psychological disturbances. It alleviates stress and nervousness by soothing and calming the user. Moreover, it restores energy when needed or in cases of conditions like depression. Palo Santo is also excellent for enhancing creativity, rediscovering inspiration, and imagination. It boosts self-confidence, encourages a broader perspective on situations, and aids in opening up to the world to regain peace and joy.

Palo Santo for Purifying
Palo Santo for Purifying

Using Palo Santo for Purification

Palo Santo is an ingredient used in smudging, meaning its smoke is beneficial for many purposes. To do this, simply light the end of your Palo Santo stick, wait a few seconds, and then blow out the flame. You can then let the smoke do its work based on the intended use. One stick can be used for multiple purposes without any issues! The smoke of Palo Santo can be utilized for various reasons.

Palo Santo for Purifying the Home of Negative Energies

Smudging with Palo Santo is ideal for clearing negative energies and purifying your home while bringing a pleasant and intense incense scent. To do this, once your stick is extinguished, go to each room you want to purify and let the smoke do its work. You can also cleanse individuals, including yourself and those around you. For this, simply direct the smoke towards the parts of the body you want to treat (using your hand, a feather, or other suitable objects). If you’re into crystal healing, you can also use it to cleanse your crystals like Celestite, for example!

Palo Santo for Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Using Palo Santo can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as aid in relaxation and concentration to clear the mind. It’s also effective in countering negative and intrusive thoughts and provides the necessary energy to realign and reconnect with oneself. Therefore, it’s recommended to use the smoke of this sacred wood during meditation or yoga sessions. You can also harness the effects of Palo Santo for rituals to enhance intuition and focus.

Palo Santo is indeed a sacred wood with numerous benefits, which you can use for a variety of reasons! If you’d like to give it a try, you can find our Palo Santo kit online or in our Paris store. Don’t hesitate to explore our ranges of scented soy wax candles and fragrance reed diffusers as well. You can choose your preferred scents while bringing relaxation and tranquility to your home! To stay updated on all our endeavors, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and feel free to sign up for our newsletter – it’s free!

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