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Best Non-Toxic Candles

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Fragrance Candles

The time has come, you’ve made up your mind. You’re going to revamp the ambiance in your home and enhance it with a subtly scented candle! However, with the wide variety of options available, you don’t know which one to choose. Are you familiar with natural fragrance candles? They offer many advantages that will make them a must-have for your home! Now that the flame of your curiosity is sparked, discover in this article three key facts you need to know about these non-toxic candles!

A vegetable wax composition, ideal for a natural fragrance candle

You may think that design and fragrance alone differentiate the many candles on the market. Think again! In fact, the type of wax and composition is what really matters. There are currently three types: those used in natural fragrance candles are vegetable waxes. Here’s a reminder of the characteristics of each.

Mineral wax

It is made from paraffin, a petroleum derivative. This wax is not the best choice for an organic, scented candle. Due to its composition, the scents are altered and the smoke it produces is harmful to the environment.

Animal wax

Commonly called beeswax. It gives off a slight honey scent! So it’s not widely used for scented candles because it can distort their fragrances.

Vegetable wax

It’s the most suitable for natural fragrance candles. Most often, soy wax is used. The latter guarantees a slower, more eco-friendly burn time: it doesn’t produce black smoke. Candles made from vegetable wax also have the particularity of being odorless. A considerable advantage that guarantees a successful olfactory experience!

A multitude of intoxicating fragrances suited to any atmosphere

The origin of the scents is also an important criterion to consider. Make sure the perfumer is certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association). This guarantees a product that is safe for consumers! Finally, favor small artisanal manufacturers from Grasse: you can be sure to get a quality candle with powerful olfactory notes!

Thus, these scented decorations make their way into your home to fill your interior with fragrance. You have a choice between a multitude of fragrances and can adapt them to your atmosphere according to the seasons. Doubtful of their relevance? Here are some examples:

Natural Fragrance Candles
Natural Fragrance Candles

Prepare for autumn with woody scents

At this time of year, the atmosphere changes, the temperature gradually drops and the colors change. It’s time for forest walks. So what better than lighting candles with woody fragrances to create a cozy atmosphere in your home and gently prepare for the arrival of snow?

Spend a winter in a muted atmosphere

Do you like cozy styles and stories by the fireplace with hot chocolate? No doubt decorations with scents of burning wood will bring a warm, comforting atmosphere with their flame! You can also use aromatherapy candles: you benefit from their various properties for a peaceful winter!

Welcome spring with natural fragrance candles

With the arrival of the beautiful season, landscapes change, nature awakens and temperatures soften. It’s time for the big spring cleaning, but also to change the atmosphere! Diffuse a sweet floral scent with spring-scented ornaments throughout your home!

Enjoy summer with sunny fragrances

This time of year means joy and carelessness! It’s time to enjoy the sun, outings and the beach. To maintain this positive energy at home, nothing better than a monoi candle! Its island scent transports you on vacation and extends your beautiful summer evenings.

As you can see, you have a substantial choice of scents suited to any type of atmosphere. However, you still need to know where to buy quality natural candles!

Best Non-Toxic Candles
Best Non-Toxic Candles

The best non-toxic candles from Candle Say

Candle maker for over ten years, we work primarily with natural, non-GMO soy wax. But that’s not all: we care deeply about offering unique candles, poured with love! How? By maintaining artisanal techniques and French manufacturing!

Handcrafted work in the different manufacturing steps

At Candle Say, we have chosen to preserve and showcase artisanal manufacturing! From wick placement to wax pouring, everything is done by hand by our candle artisan. The goal: for each scented candle to be crafted with the utmost care for optimal results!

Made in France candles

We work with our perfumer to create products with fragrances from Grasse. The waxes poured by hand and the packaging is made in our workshop in France. The flames of our owl candles therefore have the advantage of illuminating both your home and French savoir-faire!

You are now fully prepared to buy a natural fragrance candle! With Candle Say, you also have the possibility of customizing your packaging! So don’t hesitate any longer and find the candle that will make you burn with passion on our website!

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