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Homemade Candles

Natural and Non-Toxic Candles: How to Choose?

Scented candles help us create a cozy and warm atmosphere in our interiors, they are very trendy right now. However, they must be chosen with the utmost care. Indeed, often made from synthetic products, many of them pose dangers to our health. Fortunately, there are healthier and more eco-friendly alternatives available.

The Dangers of Scented Candles

Often used to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, industrial scented candles can degrade indoor air quality and present many dangers to our health. Indeed, the wicks, fragrances, and wax used to produce them are composed of chemicals and toxins that diffuse into the air, whether the candle is lit or not.

For reasons of cost and ease of use, industrial candles are often made from paraffin, a petroleum byproduct that is transformed into wax. Once heated, paraffin releases numerous toxic and carcinogenic substances such as acetone, benzene, and toluene, which can also cause asthma attacks, allergies, and skin reactions. The University of South Florida even proved in a study that these candles emit benzene even when they are not lit.

On the other hand, paraffin wax in combustion mixed with synthetic fragrances emits a large amount of soot, which are particles that can remain suspended in the air for several hours and cause asthma, heart attacks, and respiratory problems.

Finally, as petroleum is a non-renewable resource, paraffin wax is far from being environmentally friendly.

Regarding the synthetic fragrances and dyes used in industrial candles, their combustion emits substances such as limonene, alcohol, and formaldehyde, which can cause headaches, allergies, dizziness, and respiratory tract infections.

Lastly, the metal-cored wicks used release small amounts of heavy metals into the air, such as lead.

To safely scent your interior, turn to essential oil diffusers or natural candles instead.

Natural and Non-Toxic Candles
Natural and Non-Toxic Candles

Choose a natural and non-toxic candle: the criteria to watch.

If you are a big fan of candles, no worries, more planet-friendly and health-conscious options exist. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing natural and non-toxic candles.

The Wax

A natural candle is one made from 100% organic vegetable wax. There are many options available, including:

  • Coconut wax
  • Soy wax, which is natural and biodegradable but quite controversial in the USA due to intensive farming practices.
  • Rapeseed (canola) wax, which contains no toxic substances and is produced ethically.

As for beeswax, we recommend avoiding it. While it offers good burning qualities and excellent fragrance diffusion, its production overexploits bees (it takes 1 kg of honey to produce 150 g of beeswax!).

The Fragrances

The fragrance is one of the most important elements to consider when choosing a candle. To avoid any risks, opt for candles with natural fragrances.

Unlike synthetic fragrances, natural fragrances do not contain CMR substances (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Toxic to Reproduction) or phthalates.

We also recommend avoiding candles scented with essential oils, as they can release CMR substances when heated.

The Container

Scented candles come with or without containers, and the choice depends on your preferences. The zero-waste option is, of course, to choose a candle without a container. However, keep in mind that enclosed candles are easier to transport and retain their fragrance longer.

For a more eco-friendly scented candle, opt for candles in glass jars that can be reused afterward. To clean the jar of a finished candle, place it in the freezer overnight or until the wax is frozen. The next day, the wax can be easily removed in one piece using a knife. Wash the jar, and you’re done! Zero-waste tip: you can melt the leftover wax from the jar and pour it into a smaller container to make a new candle.

The Wick

The wick of your candle plays a crucial role, it determines whether the candle burns evenly and without toxic emissions.

There are many types of wicks: hemp, cotton, linen, waxed or unwaxed, flat-braided, round, or square… They are generally chosen based on the type of wax used.

To ensure that your candle does not release any heavy metals into the air, avoid wicks with a metal support and prefer wicks with cotton or paper cores.

The Manufacturing Process

For ethical reasons, I prefer artisanal candles from French brands and made in France. This ensures the ethical aspect of the product, as well as craftsmanship and superior quality compared to industrial candles.

At Candle Say, we offer natural candles made from rapeseed wax. Handcrafted with love near Lyon, they are poured into vintage jars found in France, delicately scented with natural fragrances from Grasse, and contain a cotton wick with a paper core. Are you more into apple cinnamon or bourbon vanilla? Let yourself be tempted!

Natural Spiral Candle
Natural Spiral Candle

Burning a Candle Efficiently and Safely

Burning a candle is not rocket science. However, some practices can help you create a fragrant and relaxing ambiance at home without putting yourself in danger and while taking care of your candle.

Here are our tips:

  • Ensure proper ventilation in the room.
  • Always extinguish your candles when you leave the room or before going to bed.
  • To avoid tunneling, let the entire surface of the candle melt before extinguishing it.
  • Regularly trim the wick to prevent excessively high flames.
  • Cover your candles when they are extinguished and have returned to room temperature to prevent them from collecting dust.

Now you know how to choose your natural candles to enjoy their effects safely.

At Candle Say, we carefully select our natural and artisanal candles. Don’t hesitate to take a look!

Why can some candles be harmful to your health?

Unfortunately, potentially dangerous scented candles are very common in the aisles of supermarkets and even in specialized stores.

Scented candles, room fragrances, and comfort incense are trendy decorative accessories in recent years. It is true that the fragrances that candles can diffuse in interiors are quite attractive!

But what about the dangerousness of their components? Indeed, many candles can be harmful to health due to the nature of their ingredients. It is not uncommon to find substances such as paraffin, benzene, acetone, toluene, and other chemical agents resulting from petroleum waste transformed into burning wax.

When you light the wick of these scented candles, the fumes can cause headaches that can lead to dizziness, allergies, respiratory conditions, and sometimes even more serious illnesses in the medium or long term.

The only alternative to such effects is to prioritize the purchase of non-toxic and natural candles that we offer on the Candle Say online shop of natural products.

Where to buy non-toxic natural candles online?

You have two options if you want to enjoy non-harmful candles to fragrance your interiors safely and for your health’s tranquility: choose non-toxic candles made entirely from natural ingredients, from the wax to the fragrance, and including the wick’s composition, or make your own candles, ensuring you use organic and safe base elements.

When you select a non-toxic natural candle from the extensive collection of candles and room fragrances offered by Candle Say, you can be certain that you are burning a wax made entirely from natural and non-toxic vegetable and mineral agents, and a 100% organic cotton wick without any traces of lead, tin, or any other hazardous metal.

Beyond the satisfaction of producing the products you use daily from natural ingredients, you are rethinking the entire eco-responsible approach.

Candle Say goes even further by giving you the opportunity to make your own beer, aperitif, scented candles, or even your laundry detergent. Once you have experienced the benefits of DIY and realized that you can concretely contribute at your level to environmental protection, you will find that a few simple gestures are enough to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent waste from ending up in the oceans and nature.

Depending on the deodorant balms, room fragrances, or natural candles in our catalog, and depending on the artisanal manufacturing methods of our local and national producers, our candles are certified GMO-free, paraffin-free, and phthalate-free, and entirely vegan and cruelty-free.

Homemade Candles
Homemade Candles

To create your own homemade candles

Another solution to ensure you use candles that are not harmful to your health is to make DIY candles! To be certain of creating completely harmless homemade candles, it is essential to use 100% vegetable wax derived from rapeseed, soybean, jojoba, or rice wax. These natural waxes are perfect catalysts for bringing out the fragrances of your candle.

The choice of the wick for your candle is also an important criterion as it will burn throughout the life of your candle. While the combustion of synthetic wicks can produce toxic smoke, it is better to opt for a cotton or wooden wick, both natural materials that are completely safe for your health.

Finally, for a natural scented candle, you need a natural fragrance! Candle Say offers several fragrance options such as Jasmine for a floral scent or vanilla for a more fruity and exotic fragrance.

We guarantee that our fragrances are free from CMRs (Carcinogens, Mutagens, or Toxic to Reproduction), animal materials, phthalates, and in perfect accordance with various European standards.

As for the container and decoration of your candle holders, burners, and other room diffusers, you can find a selection of glass votive holders and 100% natural candle sand on our Candle Say online store.

The benefits of burning a natural candle in your interior

Once you have eliminated all risks of intoxication and ruled out any dangers to your health in burning a candle or room fragrance, you can indulge in all your desires.

A personalized DIY candle for added originality in your decor, a delicate burn for a zen ambiance, a large candle with sweet fragrances that stands at the center of a reception table, lighting a candle to dim the light in a room and create a certain intimacy, small scented massage candles for moments of relaxation and self-care or for pampering your loved ones – there are as many occasions to burn a non-toxic natural candle as there are different personalities and lifestyles.

Whether you choose a decorative candle, a highly fragrant scent, a scent diffuser for a cozy atmosphere, or because you are a fan of natural aromatherapy, you can find everything you need to make your own candles or to buy non-toxic natural candles on our Candle Say online store.

Sets, unique pieces, accessories, DIY creation kits, and advice on designing and safely burning your candles efficiently – we offer you all these products and knowledge to share with you.

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