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Long-Lasting Home Fragrances

Long-Lasting Home Fragrances Thanks to Our Candle Maintenance Guide

We all know the excitement of unwrapping and lighting a new candle, eager to experience its fragrance. We want this sensation to last throughout the entire life of your candle, no matter how many times we light it.

By taking care of your candles, you’ll enjoy a consistent olfactory experience that will never disappoint you. Our tips and tricks will help you take care of your scents. This candle maintenance guide also covers the other types of fragrances that we offer in our collection. Jump straight to the relevant section or continue reading the rest of our article.

Candle care basics

It’s helpful to start with the basics that will assist you in taking care of your candle right from the beginning. Whether it’s a candle jar, tealights, votives, or any other type of candles, the following steps apply.

Before lighting a candle

If you’re using a holder for your candle, make sure it’s made from heat-resistant materials. We recommend burning PartyLite candles only in PartyLite candle holders to be reassured by their composition.

Always space candles at least 5 cm apart when burning multiple ones simultaneously. This helps prevent them from creating an air current that could lead to uneven burning or causing them to melt due to the generated heat.

Avoid placing candles (whether lit or unlit) in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as electrical appliances, stoves, or radiators.

Position the candles on a flat and horizontal surface to keep the wax pools uniform.

Avoid placing your candles in drafty areas or parts of the room where they’ll be exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Eager to enjoy this fragrance? Before grabbing a lighter or matches, there are still a few points to check. Promise! It’s for the well-being of your candle.

Candle Care Basics
Candle Care Basics

How to safely burn a candle

If your candle doesn’t require a holder and you’re not using one, make sure to place it on a heat-resistant surface.

Remove debris before lighting your candle, including trimmed wick pieces, match ends, or dust. This ensures a safe and even burn.

Ensure the wick is positioned in the center of the wax and pointing upwards.

Never leave a lit candle unattended. Never!

Use a snuffer to gently extinguish the flame. This extends the candle’s lifespan as the wax cools uniformly around the wick.

Keep lit candles out of reach of children and pets.

Do not burn a candle near flammable materials.

Never place a candle on or near furniture or electrical appliances that are not heat-resistant. When in doubt, avoid doing so.

Never move a lit candle. You risk burning yourself or damaging surfaces with spilled wax.

If in doubt, you’ll find safety and usage instructions on the packaging of our products.

With all safety concerns addressed, it’s now time to tend to the candle. Trimming your candle’s wick is essential for ensuring proper burning. Fortunately, it’s a very simple task.

How to trim the candle wick

Trim the wicks to a length of 0.5 cm using a wick trimmer or scissors. Trim the wick before each burn to prevent mushrooming and to ensure it doesn’t bend or in any way compromise the candle’s combustion. For small candles, like tealights and votives, this step is generally not necessary. After the initial trim, the short wick will maintain a good length throughout the candle’s lifespan.

If the wick frays during burning or if mushrooming occurs, extinguish the candle, remove the end of the wick, and then relight the candle. This phenomenon is noticeable as the wick develops a black “cap” that gives it a mushroom-like appearance.

If the wick becomes too short, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered in our guide for dealing with short wicks.

Long-Lasting Home Fragrances
Long-Lasting Home Fragrances

How to remedy uneven burning

Once all the steps above are taken, you should be able to prevent uneven burning. However, it can sometimes be challenging to avoid drafts or temperature fluctuations. Likewise, you might accidentally skip a maintenance step. If your candle burns unevenly, don’t worry.

Firstly, resist the urge to pour wax if you notice an irregular wax pool forming. Just let a wax pool form on top of the candle, then extinguish it. Once it’s cooled, you can trim the wick and relight it.

If your candle tunnels (when a wax pool doesn’t form across the entire surface), there are ways to address it. Consult our guide for simple methods to rectify this.

If you notice your candle’s flame flickering, it’s generally normal. However, this can sometimes contribute to long-term uneven burning. Here are our tips to address this issue and prevent it in the future.

With tealights and votive candles, sometimes a residue of wax remains in the cup or holder when you extinguish the candle. This residue shouldn’t impact the candle’s burning, so there’s no need to remove it before relighting.

To maintain even burning, it’s important to remove any soot residue from a candle jar. To do this, extinguish the candle and let it cool completely until the wax is solidified. Then, use a soft, dry cloth to remove the soot.

Instructions for using wax melts

If you prefer to enjoy your fragrance without going the traditional candle route, PartyLite offers a collection of wax melts.

Our heart-shaped wax melts are designed for indoor use. If you prefer to take your scents outdoors, we also offer a range of scented wax melts designed for the outdoors with our Fragrance Flame™ – Outdoor. For the best of both worlds, our Mini Fragrance Flame™ Wax Melts use exclusive technology that allows them to burn effectively both indoors and outdoors. All PartyLite wax melts use the same quality formulas cherished by our candle fans.

We’ll explain here how to use our wax melts. Maintenance for wax melts and diffusers is quite simple.

After using the wax melts

Our heart-shaped wax melts don’t burn away like the wax in a regular candle. Therefore, you need to remove the used wax from your wax melt warmer. It’s time to remove the wax when the fragrance has dissipated.

To remove the used wax, allow the wax melt dish to cool at room temperature.

Place the dish in the freezer for 30 minutes to shrink the wax.

Take the dish out of the freezer. Turn it over to release the wax. Repeat as necessary.

When using our Fragrance Flame and Mini Fragrance Flame, please follow a few safety guidelines to avoid any inconvenience.

Do not use more than 4 Fragrance Flame wax melts at once.

Use a candle lighter or a long match to ignite the flame. Light from the top, touching both the wick and one of the wax melts.

Do not touch or move the wax once it has become liquid. Spilled wax can be hot and you risk burning yourself!

Use the provided snuffer to extinguish the flame.

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