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Wax from a Carpet

How to Remove Candle Wax?

Candle wax is one of the most dreaded elements to remove from a tablecloth, furniture, clothing, carpet, or even tiles… However, there are simple and effective ways to remove candle wax residue without damaging or scratching the surface on which it has spilled.

Here are all the basic methods to remove candle wax depending on where it is.

Removing candle wax from a tablecloth

We love placing natural dried flower candles or homemade candles on a table during a gathering, candlelit dinner, or themed birthday party. However, when the candle overflows or a guest makes a sudden movement, it often leads to a catastrophe.

Nevertheless, removing candle wax from a tablecloth is almost a piece of cake! In fact, there are two simple and effective solutions to restore your fabric to its original condition.

First method: Applying cold

Place the stained tablecloth in the freezer for at least one hour.

Remove the fabric from the freezer and use a small, thin knife to gently scrape off the frozen wax. Usually, it will easily break into small pieces.

Once the wax is effectively removed, put the tablecloth in the washing machine and run your regular washing cycle.

Second method: Using heat

Spread the tablecloth on an ironing board and cover the area with candle wax with a blotting paper or a sheet of parchment paper.

Using a hot steam iron (set to the appropriate textile maintenance mode for your tablecloth), heat the area. When the paper shows a greasy stain, remove it gently. This technique allows transferring the wax from one element to another. Once the wax is well melted and adhered to the paper, put your tablecloth in the washing machine on your regular washing cycle.

Candle Wax from Furniture
Candle Wax from Furniture

Removing candle wax from furniture

When candle wax drips onto wooden or glass furniture, it can often be a cause for panic. However, both of these materials respond well to various techniques for removing candle wax from furniture.

Firstly, you should remove the excess wax with a small knife without scraping. Sometimes, this alone is enough to remove all the damage. Next, place ice cubes in a plastic bag and leave it on the wax stain for about 30 minutes.

After this period, use your knife again to remove the soaked candle wax.

Once there are no signs of residue left, if your furniture is made of glass, simply wash it thoroughly with water and a little alcohol to make it shine.

In the case of wooden furniture, it’s time to nourish it with a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine to enrich its structure and dissolve the stearin and natural wax. Gently rub with a cloth, then let it air dry.

Remove Candle Wax
Remove Candle Wax

Removing candle wax from clothing

When candle wax lands on clothing, it can stubbornly stick to the fabric. When it becomes embedded, it’s essential to proceed systematically regardless of the type of fabric to completely remove the wax from the fibers.

The first rule for removing a drop of wax from your fabric is not to move it while it’s still wet. Wait for it to dry and set before taking action. Then, choose one of the following solutions.

First technique: Applying heat

The most popular way to clean wax from clothing is to apply heat using an iron. You don’t need to freeze or cool the wax beforehand. To perform this trick, you’ll need absorbent paper (it can be parchment paper, newspaper, or tissue paper) and a paper towel.

Place the paper directly on the wax stain (it’s better to fold a few sheets to have multiple layers). Then, put the clothing on the ironing board and set the iron to a temperature that won’t burn the paper. Keep it on for a while until all the wax melts and comes out of the fabric.

This method works on all types of fabric: wool, cotton, viscose, polyester, or silk. However, be careful not to burn your clothes by selecting the appropriate steam setting.

Second technique: Cooling method

Another way to remove candle wax from fabric is similar to the process mentioned earlier for a tablecloth. If your garment is small, place it in the freezer for about fifteen minutes. Once the wax has completely hardened, it will start to crumble on its own. You can gently help it detach using the tip of a plastic knife to avoid damaging the fabric, especially if it is fragile.

Finishing touch: Removing the greasy stain

After applying the chosen hot or cold treatment, it’s time to eliminate the greasy stain.

Various products can be used for this purpose as long as they remove grease without affecting the fabric’s structure.

A solution of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or black soap is ideal for delicate fabrics. For garments with thick weaves, such as jackets or pants, you can pour a little turpentine oil on a cotton ball and apply it to the remaining wax stain. The next step is to clean the garment in a washing machine with laundry powder.

Wax from a Carpet
Wax from a Carpet

Removing candle wax from a carpet

A carpet or rug is one of the most challenging surfaces to clean when candle wax spills on it. When dealing with a fresh wax stain, try absorbing it first with an absorbent paper, tissue paper, or parchment paper. These materials are excellent at absorbing grease, and candle wax is no exception. If needed, you can replace the selected material with another when it becomes too saturated.

If the wax has dried, gently scrape it off with a knife blade, and then warm up the remaining debris (e.g., using a hairdryer) and absorb them with absorbent materials that will soak up most of the wax.

If the previous steps have not completely removed the wax stain, the last solution is to use an iron. Place a paper sheet over the wax and iron it. The material will transfer onto paper, leaving your surface looking as good as new.

Removing candle wax from tiles

When it comes to removing candle wax debris from tiles or ceramics, the cleaning methods are slightly different since it’s a fixed surface. By following the tips given on the blog, the solutions are easy and quick to implement.

For tiles, simply rub a cloth soaked in white vinegar heated to a very high temperature (heated in a kettle). Make firm and circular movements to remove all the grease adhered to the floor.

As for ceramic surfaces and even enamel, prepare a large bowl of hot water with a few drops of degreasing dish soap. Equip yourself with a brush to act deeply and remove the greasy mass of candle wax.

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