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Herbivore Candle Gift Idea

Father’s Day Gift Ideas | CandleSay Candle

On June 20, 2021, it’s Father’s Day! It’s always a bit tricky to find a gift for Father’s Day, unless you know exactly what our dad likes. At The CandleSay, we can help you find a gift that you might not have thought of. A scented natural candle or a fragrance diffuser could be a great idea for an original Father’s Day gift! Often, we associate candles and diffusers with women, but that’s far from the truth! Why wouldn’t men want to scent their homes with fragrances that resonate with them? We’re revealing our Father’s Day gift ideas in this article!

Selection of Scented Candles for Father’s Day

Our vegan and natural candles are crafted with non-GMO soy wax in our candle workshop in Paris. All their fragrances are high-quality Grasse perfumes without any toxic ingredients. Thoughtfully hand-poured in our workshop, our artisanal candles are a great Father’s Day gift idea if you want to support craftsmen passionate about their craft. If you’re still not convinced, know that our products are sold in simple and neutral amber glass jars that will surely appeal to your dads. Their elegant and versatile appearance is indeed designed to suit everyone! Each of our ranges of scented candles comes in three sizes: small, medium, and double-wick, so you can choose the one that suits you best!

Fireland Candle: Amber, Teak, and Tonka

Our scented Fireland candle with its fragrances of Amber, Teak, and Tonka offers a warm, powerful, and woody scent, perfect for Father’s Day gifting! Its aroma is distinctly masculine and delightful for unwinding and enjoying its crackling, just like by the fireplace.

Herbivore Candle
CandleSay Candle

Winter Embers Candle: Wood Fire and Cedar

Our Winter Embers candle range is perfect for dads who love the distinctive scents of a fireplace and cedar. Its resinous, spicy, and woody fragrance makes it a great Father’s Day gift idea to give! The advantage is that its wood fire scent evokes both cozy winter moments by the fireplace and summer campfires. So, your dad can use it in any season without any issues.

Stardust Candle: Sandalwood and Jasmine

Stardust is an intoxicating and soft candle that is completely unisex, as it combines the power and warmth of Sandalwood with the unique floral notes of Jasmine. This candle could suit your dad, especially to help him relax and reconnect, all while diffusing a pleasant scent in his home!

Our DIY Kit: Make Your Own Vegan Candles!

If you’re looking to give a Father’s Day gift that can be crafted at home, our DIY Kit is perfect for creating your own candles! Each DIY candle kit contains everything you need to make 4 small candles with either floral or woody fragrances. We recommend the woody scented candle-making kit as its aromas are particularly appreciated by men. Crafting your own candles can be a wonderful Father’s Day gift idea. You can also directly gift our DIY Kit if your dad is curious and enjoys hands-on creativity!

Selection of Perfume Diffusers for Father’s Day

At The CandleSay, we also offer quality perfume diffusers, crafted in our candle workshop in Paris. Our products are alcohol-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly. If your dad isn’t a candle enthusiast, you can certainly gift him one of our reed diffusers! They are each sold with their natural reed sticks. Their subtle and pleasant scent will fragrance the room every day for several weeks, without the inconveniences that scented candles might have!

CandleSay Gift Idea
CandleSay Gift Idea

Wild Soar Perfume Diffuser: Linen Flower and Tobacco Leaves

Our Wild Soar perfume diffuser offers an ideal fragrance for men. Its fresh, spicy, and powdery scent is perfect for delicately and characterfully scenting your dad’s home! Its subtle fragrance is recommended for fathers who don’t prefer strong and overpowering scents, for instance.

Musky Garden Perfume Diffuser: Lotus Flower, Orange, and Musk

Our Musky Garden perfume diffuser blends several very different notes that together create a simultaneously serene and powerful aroma! The gentleness of orange combined with the characteristic and animalistic musk, along with the delicate lotus flower, results in a surprising and captivating outcome. This range is perfect for Father’s Day gifting as it combines gentleness and character while bringing a relaxing and zen ambiance to all of your dads’ spaces!

Lunch on the Grass Perfume Diffuser: Cut Grass

For dads who enjoy taking walks in nature and engaging in outdoor activities: the Lunch on the Grass perfume diffuser is designed for them! It offers a very pleasant, fresh, and earthy scent of cut grass, reminiscent of the smell of nature and spring. Its highly botanical fragrance is ideal for discreetly scenting your dad’s rooms, especially if he prefers lighter scents!

So, which products are you most interested in from this selection? If you want to get an idea of all the ranges we offer, you can take a look at our catalog of scented artisanal candles or our perfume diffusers. To stay informed about the latest releases, such as our Tender Embrace candle with Rose and Cardamom, you can sign up for our newsletter – it’s free! For following our daily adventures, you can also join us on Instagram and Facebook!

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