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original candle lantern

4 Ideas for Halloween Decor with Candles

Halloween is a fun time of year to get creative with decorating your home. And the fact is, you can’t host a Halloween party without at least a few candles. A few flickering flames will help set the mood for this special holiday. Discover with us 4 decoration ideas with candles for a successful Halloween.

Decoration Idea for Halloween with Votive Candles

Votive candles are especially useful for simple yet subtle Halloween decor. Their short height and uniform rounded shape make them easier to scale and adapt to polished designs.

You can keep it simple with votive candle holders! Since our candles are colored and scented 100% naturally, it takes just a little effort to make the perfect decor.

For a Halloween decoration with this type of candle, you’ll need a glass jar, some alcohol, orange paper, a few black crayons, and of course votive candles.

Clean your jar, inside and out, with alcohol. Measure the circumference of the glass jar to find the width of paper needed. Draw spooky faces, trees, and other Halloween designs on the paper. Roll and glue the paper around the jar so it fits snugly against the glass. Light the candles and place them in the jar. That’s it! It changes appearance when the candles are lit inside, creating a nice yellow glow and projecting beautiful patterns on the walls.

Imagine what a row of these jars would look like down the center of a Halloween table or on a windowsill!

halloween decor with candles
Halloween Decor with Candles

Decoration Idea with Pillar Candles

These candles come in different colors, making your home brighter in everyday life. For Halloween, you can use pillar candles with homemade candle holders. You’ll need white pillar candles, textured glass bottles, black spray paint, and gold craft paint.

Remove the tops from the bottles and paint the bottles black. It’s best to do two or three light coats each time you spray paint. Allow the paint to dry completely, about four hours. Spray paint is tacky when not fully dry and touching it too soon will leave fingerprints in the paint.

Apply a small amount of gold craft paint to a paper towel and rub it on the black paint, pushing it into the textured relief and wiping away excess. If you want wax drips on the sides of your bottles, light another candle, turn it upside down, and hold it where you want drips. As the wax melts, it will drip onto the bottles and further emphasize the ghostly effect.

halloween candle decor
Halloween Candle Decor

Decoration Idea with Orange Candles

You can find orange decorative candles for a Halloween theme. It’s simple and effective – you mainly play with colors to create a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Take some orange candles. Add thumbtacks around the edges of the candles to make designs (pumpkins, witches, bats). Light your decorative candles and place them up high on shelves or on coffee tables. That’s it! It’s as easy as that.

original candle lantern
Original Candle Lantern

Decoration Idea for an Original Candle Lantern

When buying candle holders, you don’t always find what you’re looking for. The best option for an original lantern is to make your own. For an original lantern, we suggest using…pumpkins! Pumpkins are ideal for celebrating Halloween with thematic lighting. You can make classic pumpkins with creepy smiles, or go for originality with a pumpkin lantern depicting spiders!

You will need:

  • Pumpkins
  • Votive candles
  • Scissors
  • A drill
  • Black pipe cleaners (4 for each pumpkin)

Use the drill to cut a shallow, round hole in the top of each pumpkin. The votive candle should fit snugly inside.

Then drill four small holes around the top of the pumpkin – this is where the spider legs will go. You’ll need four black pipe cleaners for the legs. Cut each pipe cleaner in half, then bend and twist each piece into a Z shape to look like a spider leg.

Place each pipe cleaner in the drilled holes. Light the candles – done! You can display your lanterns on your porch for guaranteed chills!

When it’s Halloween, it’s time to get creative. With Ldeco candles, let your imagination run wild. There’s enough here to scare even the bravest guests!

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