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Fragrance Intensity

How to Do Your Online Shopping With Our Fragrance Personalities

There’s nothing quite like a pleasant scent to make you feel at home. Having scented products in a room, whether they are candles or flameless forms, contributes to creating the perfect ambiance. Our CandleSay candles are crafted by master perfumers who use the finest ingredients for each fragrance we create. It’s not always easy to find the right scent online. This is where our Fragrance Personalities come in to help you discover your next favorite scent in the form you enjoy the most.

We have categorized our scents into five distinct families that correspond to our Fragrance Personalities. These personalities are as follows: Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Exotic, and Gourmand. We will further introduce you to the aromatic ingredients that make up each of these families.

In addition to our Personalities, many elements come into play when understanding fragrances, such as their ingredients, intensity, or subtlety of the scent. Our master perfumers collaborate with some of the world’s top perfume brands to develop aromas. They create daily perfumes that are among the most classic, recognizable, and trendy, using quality ingredients. CandleSay scent blends are composed of safe and high-quality aromatic oils naturally extracted from flowers and plants.

We will help you easily identify scents that you will enjoy, whether it’s the Fragrance Personality that matches your tastes or the scent intensity that suits your space. Let’s begin by reviewing the terms used to characterize a fragrance together.

Terms used to describe a fragrance

When master perfumers create fragrances from scratch, they use specific vocabulary to describe the various facets of a scent. Even though the scientific aspects of this lexicon might be a bit too complex for the average fragrance enthusiast, many terms can help you connect with the aromas that resonate with you. Here are some that we find very useful for discussing scents.

Fragrance Personalities
Fragrance Personalities


We generally associate certain olfactory notes with masculine fragrances, whether it’s cologne, cosmetics, or home fragrances. Masculine scents often consist of earthy or exotic notes like leather, musk, tobacco, or smoke.


The feminine counterpart to masculine fragrances lies at the other end of the spectrum, and many aromas can fall somewhere in between. In feminine scents, flower petals and the sweetness of fruits tend to take the forefront, alongside notes of vanilla, amber, and lighter woods like sandalwood.

Fragrance Intensity
Fragrance Intensity

Fragrance intensity

Once you know the type of fragrance notes and characteristics you appreciate, you need to consider other factors to choose the scent that suits you. The intensity also affects your enjoyment of a scent within your interior space. It can make all the difference between an aroma that fills a large room and another that overwhelms you in a poorly ventilated area.

Fragrances range from light to intense, with moderate levels in between. Light fragrances are perfect for daily use as they are subtle and don’t overwhelm the senses. As you move from light to moderate intensity, the strength of the fragrance increases, meaning a greater part of the scent reaches your nose. You’ll experience a stronger smell when using a candle or flameless form. Moderate scents are ideal for delicately perfuming a room, whether guests are visiting or you simply want to relax with a new aroma.

Finally, intense scents are the most powerful and are best suited when you desire a striking fragrance that transforms the ambiance, especially for setting the tone of an evening or a romantic date, or for refreshing a room.

It’s also important to consider the size of the space you want to fragrance. For instance, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm a small space with a large candle infused with an intense fragrance! Always check the intensity indicator before purchasing your candle and let it guide you in how you use it in your home.

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