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Dried Flower Candles

Dried Flower Candles: The Decorative Element to Discover

Dried natural flower candles are currently trending. They can be placed anywhere in the house and captivate with their beauty and pleasant scent. They serve both as ambient lighting and decorative accessories. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Dried natural flower candles, more than just a decorative element

Dried natural flower candles have multiple roles. In addition to being a decorative element, they also serve as a great source of inspiration. They can help evoke a sense of well-being and happiness. They can even assist in recalling good old times through scents with nostalgic powers. Simply lighting a candle with dried flowers is enough to completely transform the ambiance in a room.

Flowers with various meanings

Each dried flower used in the creation of the candle can have its own significance. For example, Baby’s Breath is a symbol of happiness, Delphinium signifies security and protection. Other flowers like the rose can also be used in crafting a dried flower candle. Indeed, it conveys sweetness, attachment, and tenderness.

Dried Natural Flower Candles
Dried Natural Flower Candles

Instructions for using dried flower candles

Typically, the candle made with dried flowers is placed on a piece of furniture or any flat surface. Before lighting it, it’s advised to ensure that the wick is not longer than 5mm. If needed, you can trim the wick before lighting. Between each use, it’s necessary to remove the excess carbon buildup around the wick.

An item with multiple uses

With the fragrant aspect of the flowered candle, it’s easy to bring a pleasant scent throughout a room in the house. The scents of flowers and essential oils combined with those of plants can transform your interior. As a decorative element, a candle with dried flowers can have several roles:

  • Enhance the table during a meal.
  • Scent the baby’s room and those of other family members.
  • Perfume the terrace or the garden.
  • Complete the decorative elements of a living space, and more.
Dried Flower Candles
Dried Flower Candles

An artisanal and 100% handmade product

Dried natural flower candles are typically handcrafted using entirely natural ingredients. They can be found online, but it’s also possible to make them yourself. Most of the time, they are primarily composed of beeswax or vegetable wax. For instance, those made from soy wax are perfect for vegan and environmentally conscious candle enthusiasts. This type of wax is intriguing because it allows for better scent diffusion and optimal burning.

As for the wick, it’s often made of wood or cotton. In any case, it’s formed from environmentally friendly natural fibers. Even the container used to hold the candles is artisanal. It’s handmade and composed of natural ingredients like clay and plant-based paint. As for the dried flowers used, they are not meant to burn, but solely to serve as decorative elements.

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