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decor with candles

How to Create a Cozy and Comforting Decor With Candles

Whether you have a large or small house, everyone loves the idea of having a comfortable and cozy living space to relax in. But most people don’t know how to make their interior welcoming and warm. Discover with us some tips for creating a cozy and cocooning decor with candles for autumn.

Create a bold palette for a cocooning atmosphere

Using rich, deep paint colors is an effective way to give a sense of warmth. In a large room, painting the walls with the right colors can make your room a little more welcoming and comfortable while highlighting the soft tones of your furniture. Avoid flashy colors, a nice terracotta and pastel colors can quickly brighten up a living room or bedroom.

You can add an accent wall in a warm tone to add a sense of comfort. For those who don’t know, the accent wall serves to break the monotony of a room that only has one color. On a wall, colors like deep charcoal and navy blue work well together, especially when combined with contrasting colored furniture.

Then, develop floor-to-ceiling curtains. This is an excellent way to add warm colors to your design and elongate a small room, making it appear larger. In short, take them in fluid or soft-looking materials.

decor with candles
Decor With Candles

Scent your home decor with candles

The smell of your home is crucial. In addition to being the first impression of your loved ones when they cross your threshold, a home that smells good has something reassuring about it. For gentle, soothing fragrances, the trick is to use scented candles!

To warm up your rooms, choose natural candles with intoxicating scents from our catalog. Handmade, our artisanal candles invite comfort into your home, especially during seasons like autumn where you want to stay curled up under your blanket, a good hot chocolate in hand. They fit perfectly with all interior decor styles and add a welcome elegant touch.

Transform the visual ambience of your rooms with the soft glow of a scented candle and envelope your home in a unique scent. For the fall season, if you’re a fan of treats, choose black tea-vanilla and chocolate chip cookie scents with sweet, soothing smells. If you prefer something more woody, opt for our sandalwood scented candles to be enveloped in a warm, bewitching scent.

candles with intoxicating scents
Candles with Intoxicating Scents

Improve lighting for more comfort

For a truly cozy cocooning decor, make sure your living room is well lit. Dark living rooms are not reassuring and can even seem depressing. If you can, keep your windows uncovered to let in more natural light or install sheer, fluid curtains.

And for the evening, nothing beats a lamp to add a warm glow to your living room. When it’s time to close the windows, the lamps will keep your space well lit while rippling the walls with beautiful reflections.

The ideal is a combination of indoor floor lamps and table lamps, which ensures that every living room corner has plenty of light for reading or conversing. Combined with candles, these lights will bathe your rooms in a very soft, relaxing atmosphere.

Opt for comfortable furniture

Swap your coffee tables for ottomans. A soft, plush ottoman makes your living room warm and much more intimate. They are ideal for resting your feet and, if you add a tray, can also serve as a coffee table to hold your tea and some delicious treats.

For a cocooning but elegant decor, a rectangular upholstered ottoman with buttons can add texture and warmth to a charming living room. With a few scented candles on the table and proper lighting, it’s the ideal recipe for a cozy and characterful decor.

scented candles
Scented Candles

Keep the warmth inside

It is essential to ensure that your living room is well insulated and warm so you can really feel at home in a welcoming setting.

Add some blankets

A throw blanket here and there adds texture and warmth. Having a blanket nearby instantly makes your guests feel welcomed. And who doesn’t like having a blanket on hand to curl up with when it’s cold?

Warm up with a rug

Tile floors are popular in modern design and they go very well with cocooning decors. You can definitely put down a rug to warm up a cool floor.

If you also want to add texture, opt for a plush rug that feet sink into pleasantly. For color or aesthetics, go for a patterned rug that respects the warm, subtle tones of your walls.

Take comfortable pillows

Add pillows to your sofas, the centerpieces of the living room. Add lots, the more the better. Make sure they are also super soft. Consequently, a wide array of pillows not only adds a lot of visual interest to a sofa, but it’s also a promise of comfort.

In short, with soft colors, warmth, cozy furniture and proper lighting, you’ll have a cocooning and cozy interior that’s just waiting to wrap you in softness. To top it off, don’t forget the scented candles which are like the cherry on top!

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