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colored candles

Colored Candles: Meaning of the Colors

The colors play a major role in life, in order to facilitate the work of creativity or meditation, burning colored candles will have an impact on the level of concentration. In this article we refer to the use of candle colors and their meaning.

In order to choose the most suitable candle color according to your needs, it is necessary to understand the color codes that have been used.

One day, one color, one atmosphere…

The principle of chromotherapy is applicable to candles. Colors and scented smells reflect the feelings and emotions of each person. According to the desired effect, one color will be more suitable than another.

The days of the week are associated with colors:

Monday: white or gray.

Tuesday: red.

Wednesday: orange.

Thursday: blue.

Friday: green.

Saturday: purple.

Sunday: yellow.

In other words, if you have to base the color of a candle on a specific day of the week, you can refer to the list above. It is best to use this color code when there is no particular emotion to convey, when it is a circumstantial gift on the relational side. On the other hand, if you have to offer a colored candle by putting your heart into it and slipping in a personal message, you have to pay attention to the color codes used. It’s a bit the same principle as with flowers, you must not be mistaken about the nuances.

The meaning of decorative candle colors

White candles are signs of peace, purity and truth. They will be suitable for speaking freely with your heart.

Purple candles turn to tranquility and wisdom to accompany a message of tenderness.

Blue candles are placed under the sign of forgiveness and open-mindedness, they will accompany your honesty approach when you have certain things to blame yourself for.

Green is associated with money and success. If you have been promoted at work and want to celebrate the event, the green color will be perfect.

Pink candles symbolize joy and love, they will beautifully enhance the table for a candlelight dinner.

Yellow candles are much more spiritual where intelligence and mental clarity will be honored.

Go for the red candle for a fiery atmosphere. They refer to ardor, passion and love, the basis for romantic evenings.

Finally, black candles are associated with protection, they repel negative energies.

colored candles
Colored Candles

Where to place colored candles?

In order to recreate a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, it is necessary to choose a decorative candle in a place where the peaceful atmosphere will prevail. The white candle is an ideal choice for the bedroom, decorative candles will help you fall asleep by taking you into the most pleasant dreams. It should also be noted that pink candles can relieve stress, they are also ideal for recreating a romantic atmosphere.

Another very popular relaxation room: the bathroom.

What could be more enjoyable than sinking into a foamy bath surrounded by cylindrical candles to relieve your stress. The soft candlelight will plunge you into deep relaxation with an invigorating calm. You can consider turning to pink candles for a tender and sensual atmosphere.

Colored candles can easily fit into living rooms like the living room or lounge, to place on a small bedside table or on a tall piece of furniture. They will decorate the room while enhancing it with the soft glow of the flame.

However, be careful if you have pets or young children, do not leave candles within reach.

decorative candle colors
Decorative Candle Colors

The beneficial effects

The use of these different colored candles will have a direct impact on your mood. The natural soothing and relaxing properties of candles work on your subconscious. Candles are an excellent way to associate positive memories. Some studies have also shown that colored candles and certain scents boost immune function by regulating hormone levels.

A natural anti-stress

When you come home after a hard day’s work and feel the heavy atmosphere of your house, you will tend to get even more annoyed. On the contrary, if you end your day with a simple ritual by slowly lighting all your candles one by one, you will naturally feel an effect of inner well-being. They also allow for better concentration, with the aim of de-stressing or performing a meditation session. Focusing on the flickering flame will allow you to clear your mind for your personal well-being.

In conclusion, you now have all the tools to fully enjoy each candle color at the right time for your personal well-being.

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