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Clean a Candle Jar

How to Clean a Candle Jar?

Some candle jars are too beautiful to be thrown away. So, when you’ve finished burning your favorite fragrance, you might wonder what to do next. At CandleSay, we take pride in our candle jars as they are 100% recyclable, which doesn’t just mean they can be safely put in your dishwasher. Our candle jars also have the advantage of being able to serve multiple purposes (container, glass, spare jar, plant pot, or even a candle jar for your own candles. The possibilities are endless! Whether you want to repurpose it or simply dispose of it, we’ll explain how to clean candle jars once they’re empty.

Before sharing our methods for cleaning candle jars, we want to address the most common question about candle jars: why does my candle jar turn black? When you burn your candle, the wax melts, the wick elongates, and a chemical process causes the production of black carbon particles (also known as soot). Each time you burn your candle, the wick should be trimmed to three millimeters, which will reduce the amount of black soot that forms inside your candle jar. Less wick, less fuel = less black substance (soot).

Clean a Candle Jar
Clean a Candle Jar

So, if you’re wondering how to recycle candle jars, the first step is to clean them.

CandleSay candles are made from a blend of high-quality paraffin and soy wax,

If you opt for the freezing method, make sure your candle is completely cooled and solidified after burning. Place your candle jar in the freezer for at least an hour. As the wax drops to a certain temperature, it contracts and pulls away from the glass edges. The wax will become brittle and easy to remove. Take the candle jar out of the freezer and remove the leftover wax and wick remnants by turning it upside down and gently tapping on a flat surface. The wax should come off easily, but if not, you can always use a knife—always be cautious when using a knife—to carefully extract the wax. Wipe away any wax residue with a damp cloth.

To wash your candle jar, the wax should be cooled and solidified. Use a knife to remove as much wax as possible. Place the candle jar in a bowl or in a large amount of warm soapy water and let the candle jar sit for a few minutes to soften the wax. We recommend taking the time to light another one of your favorite fragrances in memory of your old candle! Once the wax is softened, you can scrub the candle jar with the warm water it soaked in. This method will remove any black soot residue you might have around your glass jar.

Follow our tips to make the most of your candle jars. We love using our old candle jars as tealight holders, votive candle holders, and pillar candle holders. We’d love to see how you repurpose your old candle jars, so feel free to show us how you’re reusing them by sharing your ideas on social media!

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