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Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn

6 Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn

The weather is cooling down, the rain is intensifying, and the nights are getting longer… Autumn is definitely back! While for some, it’s synonymous with fatigue and melancholy, for others, it’s the season of coziness and vibrant-colored leaves. And when it comes to coziness, it means cozy candles! In this article, we present to you […]

Scented Plant Wax Melts

6 Methods to Purify Your Home from Negative Energies

We don’t always realize it, but sometimes our interior can be filled with stagnant, even negative energies! In this case, it is advisable to proceed with a purification of the space to renew the energies and feel better at home. Moreover, purification can also be beneficial for helping to relax and concentrate more easily, especially […]

Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles

Taking Care of Your Natural Scented Candles: 5 Tips

Have you ever noticed that your scented candle only burns on one side, leaving a portion of the wax untouched? Does it sometimes produce black smoke while burning or extinguishing itself? If so, perhaps you’re not familiar with some essential techniques to properly burn your candles! Indeed, there are a few simple and effective tips […]

Candle Wick

Materials for Making Candles: Everything You Need to Know

Would you like to create your own candles but don’t know how or where to start? It’s natural to feel a bit lost when you want to begin an activity; we all go through this stage. But don’t worry, making your own candles is actually very easy! In this article, we’ll help you choose the […]

Candle Jars for DIY Projects

How to Recycle Glass Candle Jars?

Have you ever wondered what to do with your empty CandleSay glass candle jars? If you feel reluctant to throw them away and would like to discover simple and practical ways to reuse them, you’re not alone. Ecology, the well-being of our planet, and zero waste are values that are close to our hearts. That’s […]

Best Wax for Candles

Why Soy Wax is the Best Wax for Candles?

There are several types of candle waxes. Among them, some are harmful to the environment and health, such as paraffin, which is a petroleum derivative. With growing environmental and ecological awareness, more and more people are seeking natural alternatives by choosing products that are more respectful and healthy. The same goes for candles: safe and […]

Herbivore Candle Gift Idea

Father’s Day Gift Ideas | CandleSay Candle

On June 20, 2021, it’s Father’s Day! It’s always a bit tricky to find a gift for Father’s Day, unless you know exactly what our dad likes. At The CandleSay, we can help you find a gift that you might not have thought of. A scented natural candle or a fragrance diffuser could be a […]

Fragrant Candle Making Kits

Fragrant Candle Making Kits | 6 Benefits

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the concept of subscription boxes. Whether it’s stationery, beauty products, or goodies, there’s something for everyone! But did you know that there are also DIY candle subscription boxes? These allow you to create your own candles from A to Z! Are you hesitant to give it a try? Do you […]

Palo Santo for Purifying

Palo Santo | Properties, Benefits, and Purification

You’ve probably already heard of Palo Santo. In the form of a stick, this piece of wood might initially leave you puzzled. What is it used for? How do you use it? Yet, it’s quite simple! Once you grasp its purpose, Palo Santo reveals a range of medicinal, as well as energetic and purifying properties. […]

Candle Flames Flicker

Why Do Candle Flames Flicker (and How to Fix It?)

Practicing relaxation in the gentle ambiance of a candle flame is an unparalleled experience that could be disrupted by the annoying flickering of the flame. A slight natural flicker is normal and even attractive. However, when it becomes too pronounced, it can pose a fire hazard and impact the candle’s combustion and lifespan if not […]

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