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Candles and Accessories

Candles and Accessories for the Holidays

As Christmas approaches, it’s not always easy to refresh your interior decor while drawing inspiration from the latest fashion trends. For the winter of 2020, we’ve taken four of our favorite themes and added our personal touch. Regardless of your budget, we’ve selected changes you can make in your home, whether you prefer tradition, elegance, vibrant colors, or minimalism.

Whether you’re simply looking for a fragrance that matches your color palette or you want to completely revamp your decor, here are four themes that will help you create an original Christmas decoration.

Cozy Traditional Christmas

Most of the Christmas customs we know today originated in Germany and date back to the 16th century. It was during this time that people began to decorate their trees with candles and ornaments. This tradition was later adopted in England when Queen Victoria embraced it in the early 19th century before making its way to the United States. Since then, our Christmas traditions have evolved to become the style we recognize and love today. Straight out of a greeting card, the snow-covered landscape, warm interiors by the fireplace, Bing Crosby, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and roasted chestnuts over an open fire all come to mind when we think of the festive season.

These traditions delight us all with red, gold, and green garlands, stockings hung by the fireplace for the whole family, decorated trees, and wreaths on the front door. In 2020, we won’t hesitate to add a modern touch to this traditional style that was particularly beloved in the United States in the 1950s for its popular origins.

To start off with this classic theme, you could take a trip back in time by sending a family Christmas card in the purest American tradition to all those you love. Put on your Christmas sweaters, gather by the fireplace, and recreate a vintage-style photo that you’ll send to all your friends.

Stockings filled with little gifts are inseparable from a traditional Christmas. Hang them by the fireplace to complete your decor. You can even add a modern twist to your conventional decor by displaying typical festive items, such as chestnuts, Christmas baubles, or even branches of mistletoe and holly in transparent glass containers. Reimagined Christmas traditions!

Also, choose a festive scent that matches this theme, like a classic fragrance that evokes the traditional gingerbread house, warming all hearts.

Spiritual Christmas Candles
Spiritual Christmas Candles

Modern and Colorful Christmas

We dream of an original Christmas, full of vibrant colors, unlike any other. Imagine bold, maximally saturated hues. This trend emerged in the early part of the previous decade before resurfacing in 2018, as neon made a comeback on fashion show runways in the spring of 2019. With this style, your interior won’t go unnoticed. Draw inspiration from a palette of very bright primary and secondary colors to give a decidedly modern touch to a highly contemporary Christmas.

To begin, we recommend selecting colors that will blend into your entire interior. Think of bright shades of pink or green. Incorporate these tones into your space by adding cushions and throws to your couch that match the decorations on the tree and throughout your home. You might even consider swapping out your wall decor for pop art-inspired Christmas posters to bring your interior to life.

If you have the budget, you can defy tradition and invest in a Neon Tube Christmas tree. Not only will it light up the room, but it will also save you money, as you won’t need to buy a new tree each year. Wrap all your gifts in neon-colored paper before placing them under the tree. Showcase your front door by getting a matching neon Christmas wreath for your tree – Santa won’t miss your door without stopping. For your Christmas Eve dinner, choose a brightly colored tablecloth with matching napkins.

Choose scents that harmonize with this bold and vibrant theme. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, decorative, and hyper-colored fragrance option, CandleSay certainly has the element that will complete your holiday decor.

Tranquil and Spiritual Christmas

Even though this trend emphasizes traditions similar to those of a cozy traditional Christmas, the brilliance of white and silver dominates this minimalist and spiritual variation of the Christmas theme. The season shines through its simplicity, especially in times when we’re trying to limit unnecessary expenses. You can gradually complete this trend, year after year. Think of accessories in pastel tones, with iridescent surfaces, and consider where you could add sophisticated touches. Keep the traditional gold and silver that we know and love, but leave behind the red and green.

This theme should evoke serenity and gratitude, so consider candlelit centerpieces that celebrate the Holy Family and create a festive ambiance in all interiors. If you prefer secular decor, celebrate nature that inspires serenity with small porcelain animals.

A majestic Christmas tree is naturally elegant, so there’s no need to overdecorate it. Ceramic or lightweight wooden ornaments, which are family treasures, are perfect for reflecting this theme. Choose items that have been passed down to you or purchase new ones that you’ll pass on to your family. Selecting pieces that hold meaning helps us reflect on our gratitude and the significance of coming together during this important time of year.

Bring this soothing theme to life by choosing the right fragrance. Opt for an aroma that celebrates the natural forest or go for the fresh elegance of a mint and vanilla fusion.

Candles and Accessories
Candles and Accessories

Contemporary Glamorous Christmas

If you adore the sparkle of diamonds, this trend is perfect for you. Elevate the holiday season with a touch of glamour through a monochromatic color palette enhanced by metallic ornaments in rose gold, copper, and silver tones. Choose luxurious accessories for your tree. Think faux fur and sequins and place them everywhere (well, almost!). Embrace a minimalist approach with a color that accentuates this contemporary theme.

Since this style predominantly focuses on understated elegance, you’ll decorate your Christmas tree with silver baubles and forego garlands. If you need additional Christmas accessories, opt for glamorous and refined pieces. Complete the luxurious look by setting the table with rose gold cutlery, gold plates, and champagne flutes with gold trim. Enhance the achieved effect by lighting scented candles in elegant candleholders.

For an even more sparkling celebration, choose a fragrance that’s both effervescent, gentle, and sweet. If you’re fond of cocktails, go for this delightful elixir that will create a glamorous ambiance.

Get Ready for Christmas with CandleSay

Even if you can’t change your entire holiday decor, a new seasonal fragrance can dramatically transform the atmosphere and infuse a festive spirit into your home. If you want to stimulate other senses, add a touch of modern freshness, or create a note of sweetness, then choose a form of fragrance that will transform your space for Christmas. If you enjoy the nostalgia of the holidays and want to evoke the festive cooking you love or memories of outdoor activities, then diffuse CandleSay fragrances that evoke the warmth of cherished moments.

To learn more about essential trends for the upcoming season and find new sources of inspiration, read our comprehensive Fall-Winter guide and explore our collection of holiday fragrances.

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