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Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn

6 Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn

The weather is cooling down, the rain is intensifying, and the nights are getting longer… Autumn is definitely back! While for some, it’s synonymous with fatigue and melancholy, for others, it’s the season of coziness and vibrant-colored leaves. And when it comes to coziness, it means cozy candles! In this article, we present to you 6 candle scents perfect to accompany the autumn season!

Before we begin our selection, we’d like to explain how our Herbivore Candle works. Each of them comes in three sizes: small, medium, and triple-wick. Ideally, you should choose the size based on the room where you’ll be burning your candle.

We also offer fragrance diffusers with scents identical to our classic candles. This format is more convenient if you don’t like candles or can’t stand the smoke they produce. All the ranges we will introduce in this selection are available as diffusers (you’ll find links to discover them).

Now, let’s get into the selection of autumn candles!

Stardust Powder: Candle with Jasmine and Sandalwood

Our Stardust Powder candle reveals a woody, spicy, and floral scent of sandalwood and jasmine. It’s a perfect fragrance for autumn as it is deep, warm, and intoxicating all at once… Stardust Powder is particularly recommended for women, as its jasmine notes are quite feminine and sensual. It’s the ideal candle to gently reconnect with oneself and enjoy its relaxing and autumnal aroma!

You can also find our Stardust Powder fragrance diffuser if you prefer to enjoy its scent for several weeks!

Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn
Candle Scents Perfect for Autumn

Winter Embers, scent of campfire and cedar

Imagine a rainy and cold autumn evening, wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace. Well, that’s precisely the kind of moment we wanted to recreate with our Winter Embers candles! Their smoky and robust scent of campfire, combined with the more resinous, spicy, and woody aroma of cedar, offers a relaxing and comforting range to burn and unwind after a long autumn day.

As with all our classic ranges, you can turn to our Winter Embers fragrance diffuser if you prefer this format!

Our Sage Wax Melts: A Fresh and Purifying Scent for Autumn!

Our latest addition at CandleSay is our scented wax melts with sage! We decided to introduce them in this autumn selection because we believe their practical, economical, and clever format is a good alternative to candles or fragrance diffusers. Sold in packs of 3, these sage-scented bars with dried white sage inclusions emit a fresh and vegetal scent with purifying properties! (To learn more about purification, you can discover our article explaining the virtues and properties of white sage.) All you need is a wax warmer to let them melt, and that’s it! The advantage of wax melts is that they are very affordable, produce no waste (since there is no plastic or container), and, of course, their scent is just as pleasant as that of a classic candle.

Bourbon Island, a delightful scent of coffee and vanilla

This range is one of the most beloved at CandleSay! It must be said that its gourmand and sweet fragrance of coffee and vanilla closely resembles that of a delicious caramel latte topped with whipped cream. It’s tempting, isn’t it? (However, please note that our candles are not edible! 😉) If you wish to diffuse a gentle and comforting aroma to accompany your cozy autumn days, our Bourbon Island candles are perfect for you!

If you’re not a big fan of candles, you can opt for our Bourbon Island fragrance diffuser!

Delightful Scent of Coffee
Delightful Scent of Coffee

Eternal Fig, a fragrance of fig and edelweiss

Our Eternal Fig candle range is also one of our best sellers! It’s perfect for the autumn season because its fragrance evokes the nostalgia of late summer. Its sweet and suave fig scent, combined with the freshness and delicacy of edelweiss, creates a blend that is both indulgent and intoxicating. Burning an Eternal Fig candle is a moment of sweetness, delicately scenting your home.

You can also choose our Eternal Fig fragrance diffuser if you prefer!

Creating Your Own Autumn Candles with Our DIY Kit!

What’s better for autumn than reconnecting with your creativity? With our DIY candle kit, you can easily make 4 small plant-based candles from the comfort of your own home! Enjoy a relaxing moment with your family or by yourself while crafting candles that reflect your style.

Each DIY box provides you with all the necessary ingredients and accessories for the crafting process. Moreover, an instructional sheet is included to guide you through the candle-making process step by step.

You have the choice of two types of fragrances. Our “floral” box features rather soft and “feminine” fragrances (fig, lotus flower, orange blossom, musk). Our “woody” box, on the other hand, is more recommended for the autumn season with its notes of bergamot, cedar, oakmoss, and pine.

Fire Earth, a warm fragrance of amber and teak & tonka

Our Fire Earth candles are a must-have for the cold seasons! They are scented with amber, warm and powerful, combined with teak & tonka, woody and smoky. The blend of these two fragrances beautifully evokes the warmth of a comforting fire, especially welcomed during cold periods. Ideal for accompanying your cozy evenings by the fireplace, this range of candles is perfect for unwinding and relaxing, especially after a long day!

You can also enjoy the warm fragrance of Fire Earth in a fragrance diffuser format!

Candle that Smells Like Nature
Candle that Smells Like Nature

Picnic on the Grass, a candle that smells like nature

To conclude this selection, we decided to introduce you to our Picnic on the Grass candles, which live up to their name with their scent of freshly cut grass! Since autumn is a season when nature comes to life, this fresh grass scent is perfect for living in harmony with it. It will remind you of the damp forest floors and those suspended moments when, after the rain, the air is filled with vegetal, earthy, and relaxing aromas. Burning one of our Picnic on the Grass candles is a way to enjoy the scents of nature from the comfort of your own home!

Also, discover our Picnic on the Grass fragrance diffuser if you prefer this format!

You now have all our ideas for candles and fragrance diffusers to use to accompany your autumn with soft, woody, indulgent, and comforting scents. Please tell us in the comments which ranges from this selection appeal to you the most!

If you enjoy our universe, we also offer an astro candle collection with lithotherapy stones to help you align with your zodiac sign. To purify your home or accompany your yoga/meditation sessions, you can also explore our smudging sticks.

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