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Candle Flames Flicker

Why Do Candle Flames Flicker (and How to Fix It?)

Practicing relaxation in the gentle ambiance of a candle flame is an unparalleled experience that could be disrupted by the annoying flickering of the flame. A slight natural flicker is normal and even attractive. However, when it becomes too pronounced, it can pose a fire hazard and impact the candle’s combustion and lifespan if not addressed.

So, why do candle flames flicker? And how can you avoid it? Read this article to uncover our top tips and candle maintenance tricks.

Why Do the Flames of My Candles Flicker?

It’s normal for a candle flame to flicker a bit, but one of the main reasons for excessive flickering is wind or drafts. Remember that if the air movement is strong enough to sway your curtains or blinds, it can also affect a candle’s flame!

If you didn’t purchase your candle from CandleSay, it’s possible that your candle has manufacturing defects. While some manufacturers believe the wick size doesn’t matter, we beg to differ. Candles with oversized wicks burn through the wax too quickly, causing the flame to flicker. Candles with too small wicks create an uneven wax pool, leading to tunneling.

There’s also a chance the wick has developed mushrooming, a term used to describe carbon buildup on a burned wick. Both of these issues can be solved by trimming the wick to 0.5 cm after each burn.

Leaving an uncovered candle in a humid environment after use might lead it to absorb moisture and accumulate dust. The candle wax will then contain impurities that affect its combustion. Avoid storing your candles in the bathroom or kitchen. Close the lid after each burn (once the candle has cooled) to prevent impurities from settling on the wax.

Candle Flames Flicker
Candle Flames Flicker

What Happens When Flames Flicker?

While it might seem like a minor inconvenience, the flickering of a candle flame can be dangerous, especially if the candle is burning near fabric. Indeed, the flame can grow and pose a fire hazard. If a too-long wick causes your candle to flicker, the balance between the wick and the wax becomes uneven. This results in producing black smoke.

If a candle flickers for an extended period, it will burn out more quickly. This is because the wax will melt faster, meaning you’ll enjoy your candle for a shorter duration!

How to Stop a Candle from Flickering

All our candles are crafted with a precise balance of wax and wick to ensure they last longer. Our clean and non-toxic wax allows you to safely burn a CandleSay candle for hours. However, not all candles are equal. If you’re using a lower-quality candle, you might observe flickering when you burn it for too long. This is one of the causes behind the appearance of mushrooming on the wick. The accumulation of carbon fuels the flame and makes it flicker.

Another way to prevent mushrooming is to ensure you trim the wick once the candle has cooled. We recommend waiting at least an hour before doing this to ensure the wax has solidified.

Moisture and dust are also significant causes of flickering. Clean your candle before lighting it to reduce impurities in the wax. Wipe the candle (once cooled) with a dry cloth to remove any traces of dust or soot, preserving the wax quality. By doing this regularly, you prevent impurities from settling on the wax.

Try to place your candle away from drafts. If you enjoy a fragrant ambiance wherever you go, consider using a candle holder that shields the candle from the wind.

We want you to enjoy our candles for as long as possible. Read the complete CandleSay candle care guide here. Explore our latest fragrance collection here, and find your favorite 3-wick candle jar here.

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