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Best Wax for Candles

Why Soy Wax is the Best Wax for Candles?

There are several types of candle waxes. Among them, some are harmful to the environment and health, such as paraffin, which is a petroleum derivative. With growing environmental and ecological awareness, more and more people are seeking natural alternatives by choosing products that are more respectful and healthy.

The same goes for candles: safe and high-quality ingredients are a priority. Therefore, the choice of wax is essential. Some waxes stand out from the rest: beeswax, but above all, soy wax. The latter offers a range of advantages that, in our opinion, make it the best choice for candle making. We’ll explain everything in this article!

Soy Wax: Plant-Based and 100% Natural

The primary characteristic of soy wax is that it’s 100% natural. It’s created from soybean oil, a plant native to Asia that is used both in agriculture and in plant-based diets due to its protein content and numerous benefits. Its wax is ideal for making candles, especially since soy cultivation doesn’t require pesticides and is guaranteed to be GMO-free. It’s even possible to craft your own homemade cosmetics with it!

Choosing to burn a soy wax-based candle means choosing quality, environmental respect, and something that’s 100% safe for health! So, you can enjoy the divine scents of your candles without guilt or fear, as there are no toxic emissions. In fact, soy wax is also biodegradable, which is a real plus for the planet! At CandleSay, we were committed to offering you a DIY box to create your own natural candles using soy wax.

Plant-Based Soy Wax
Plant-Based Soy Wax

Soy Wax for Beautifully Scented Candles

This wax is recommended for crafting candles due to its various advantages in terms of aesthetics and fragrance. Firstly, its color is quite white, as opposed to beeswax, for instance, which tends to be yellow or yellowish. This means you can color your candle as you wish, achieving different shades according to your preferences.

Additionally, soy wax has a smooth and creamy texture that adheres well to glass. That’s actually why our scented candles are made in our lovely amber glass jars! Lastly, an important point to note: soy wax is perfect because it doesn’t emit any unpleasant odor once the candle is extinguished (unlike waxes that are more harmful to health, like paraffin).

Best Wax for Candles
Best Wax for Candles

Soy Wax: Economical and Easy to Clean

An extremely important aspect for candles is that they offer good value for money. With the soy wax we use to create our candles in our Workshop, you can be sure you’re making the right choice! It’s known for providing a slow and even burn, as its flame is gentler compared to other waxes. This allows you to enjoy your natural scented candle for a longer time, maximizing your savings. Furthermore, unlike other waxes, soy wax produces less waste because when the candle is fully burned, there are very few residues left. In fact, when you clean out your glass jar to reuse it as you like, this wax is very easy to remove.

Are you convinced about soy wax candles? Explore our range of 100% natural soy wax candles as well as our fragrance diffusers. To stay updated on the latest blog articles and news, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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